Where to Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom?

Where to Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom

You had a long and tiring day, and all you want now is to treat yourself some quality time. So, what can be better than a warm and soothing floor lamp in your bedroom?

You have so many lovely pieces of them but, where to put floor lamp in bedroom? Of course, we are familiar with floor lamp setups in the living room like beside the sofa or next to the bookshelf.

However, when it comes to the bedroom, we all tan to run out of ideas. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as today; I am going to share some great ideas about where you can put those lovely floor lamps in your bedroom. So, let’s begin.

Where to put floor lamp in bedroom

Take a look at these chic ideas about how you can easily decorate your bedroom with floor lamps.

Beside the Bed

Adding a floor lamp beside the bed is an absolute classic. It will accompany you in all those weekend nights with your favorite book.

If you like spending a lot of time reading in your bed, an opaque-style floor lamp would be better. However, if you want something that would emit a bit more light, go for a translucent floor lamp.

In Front of the Window

Although it might seem a bit confusing at first but trust me, you are going to love the results. Match the appearance of your window and place a floor lamp just in front of it.

It will add a contemporary edge and enhance the appearance mostly during the night. However, keep in mind that the technique doesn’t go with smaller windows.

End of the Table

If you are one of those who like using their corner tables for the quick reviews before going to bed then, adding a floor lamp at the end of it will change your entire experience.

Just add an opaque-lamp or an arched one to increase the illumination as well as the intensity of light.

Corners of the Large Wall

If you have a big space in your bedroom, then you should try adding layers on that by different floor lamps.

You can try the classic translucent lamps on both the corners. Again, you can try experimenting with a more modern type like a tripod floor lamp on just one side.

Behind or Beside the Couch

This is also a classic combination, and most importantly, it works for almost every design. Adding a floor lamp behind or beside the couch adds an extra definition. You can add a warm and earthy tone to your bedroom by adding a nice pair of opaque floor lamps on both sides of your couch.

Again, if you want to lighten it up a more, place an arched or even a glass-topped floor lamp beside your couch. It will lift your interior and add a charming tone to it.

Next to the Photo Wall 

This technique adds more of a vintage appearance. The photo wall of your bedroom has to be the most highlighted part and to bring that out, choose a floor lamp that compliments the wall.

Final Words 

Well, there’s no telling that each of the ideas was tremendously stylish, right? Some of them included the classic combinations where others reflected modern and contemporary looks. However, not all of these techniques will necessarily go well with your bedroom.

Therefore, look closely at the interior and decide what you want. Start with smaller steps and gradually build upon that to keep changing its outlook.

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