Where Should a Lamp be Placed on an End Table?

Where Should a Lamp be Placed on an End Table?Have you been decorating your room recently? Do you want to place a lamp on your end table? But not sure where to put it for a perfect look?

Setting the right lighting in your room can be the key factor. Ceiling lights can create unnecessary shadows that are not pleasant to the eyes. In that case, a table lamp seems a better choice for you.

If you were stressing over these things, then you are in the right place. We are going to discuss where a lamp should be placed on an end table, here.

So, let’s explore the ideas.

Where Should a Lamp be Placed on an End Table?

When decorating your living room or any other room, placing a study lamp on an end table can add extra elegance to the room. Place your lamp on the back third of the end table. Thus there will be enough space left for other accessories like books or a flower vase.

You should consider some crucial things before doing that though. I am going to share some facts to aid you in making a decision.

Placement of the End Table

Before putting a lamp on the end table, you should think about where to place the table itself. That because it plays an important role in the total image.

You can set up the table in your living room. In that case, the end table can be near the sofa or your armchair. And if there is a window near the end table, that completes the look.

Placing a study lamp near your bed is a great idea. And there are many options for an end table to be. Just think about what you need the table for before placing it.

Keep the Sizes in Mind

The size of your lamp should be checked before keeping it on the end table. This is an important fact to consider. And not only the size of the lamp but also the end table’s size is also important.

For example, if you have a small sized end table, then what size should the lamp be? Obviously placing a big lamp will ruin the style. Likewise, the length of the lamp and the width of its head should be in proportion with the end table. It is better if the lamp covers one-third of an end table.

Choose the Perfect Shade

In the bedroom, the base of your floor lamp or table lamp should be over 15-20” from the floor. The shade shouldn’t be in a position where it doesn’t hurt your eyes from the direct light. Also, keep in mind that the bottom of a study lamp should be lower or at the level of your eye level. Thus it won’t hurt your eyes and you can read comfortably.

A distance of 15” between the head of the lamp and desk is good for the lampshade. While choosing the lamp, also bear in mind the color of the background where you’re going to keep it.

Highlight Your Own Style

Following your heart is always the best decision. Do not be afraid to express your personal taste. Place the lamp on an end table as you think would be good. Just ensure that the size and lengths are okay to go with the table. Choose a shade according to your needs. Also you can match the lampshade with the background.

Or change the arrangement of the lamp’s surroundings to create a bold look. You can try to create a theme with the lamp. So, keep some of your favorite things on the end table. Don’t forget that there is no given rule about where a lamp should be placed on an end table.

Create Symmetry

Creating a symmetrical look in your living room can never go wrong, especially if you are redecorating your living room. If there was already an end table, you can add one more of the same design. The same design is not mandatory. You can just place another one similar to the existing one.

You can keep two end tables on either side of your sofa. And by placing similar or contrasting lampshades on the tables, create symmetry. While dressing an end table, think of creating a difference of heights of the things you have placed on it. Consequently, the style will not be boring in any way.



To lighten up our mood, we sometimes decorate our rooms. And nothing can be better than a study lamp for this purpose. Placing a lamp on the end table can increase the beauty of the room.

What’s more? It will also add light to your room. Now you can read your favorite book whenever you want seating on your comfy sofa.

Follow the tip-offs given in this “where should a lamp be placed on an end table?” article. All the best!

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