What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light

What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light

Natural lighting is one of the important parts of our daily living. But most of the people are deprived of this natural element and they are bound to install artificial lighting. The artificial lighting cannot cover the overall deficit of natural lighting but brightest floor lamps to light a room can be used as a compliment of the lighting. However now a day’s modern artificial lighting could be also a great part of decoration and also lighting of your indoor.

What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light?

Well, there are several best bright floor lamps found in the market and they are different in their functionality and brightness. The lamp shape also important fact for the brightness of the floor lamp. There are also found best lamp shade for brightness to fulfill your demand.

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky torchiere floor lamp is the lamp that provides most lighting because it has super brightness dimmable 30 watt LED that is equal to 200W incandescent. You can use this as a mood and task light also. Its main part it provides brightness standing upright and provides brighter light.

It has attached 30 watt LED that produces 2260 lumens of light and brighten your bedroom, living room, reading room, craft room or office. It has integrated built in dimmer and touch buttons that make it easier to use.  The slim designed floor lamp that can easily fit behind the sofa, couch, recliners, chairs or any corner of the room.


You can also adjust the head of the lamp in your desired space and the lamp provides warm and shiny lights in indoor. The LED survives more than 20 years because it does not waste energy like fluorescent, compact fluorescent, halogen and incandescent bulb. So it is possible to not replace a bulb again.

The lamp is energy saving and the color of the light is 3000k warm. When it comes about the safety of your children then you don’t need to worry about this lamp because its lightweight base and sturdy design make it wobble free and keep safe from kids and pets.


It will not get tip easily that’s why its base is strong enough for kids. Though the lamp provides lot of brightness but it will never create heat even you keep it on overnight it remains cool and you can touch the light after long uses. That’s the reason the lamp is one of the safest lamp.

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Different Types of Floor Lamp to Light Up a Room:

  • Torchiere Floor Lamp:

Well, the torchiere floor lamp is one of the famous and useful floor lamps that attracted in people’s mind. The look of the lamp is so standard and able to increase any room’s brightness. This type of lamp provides brightness upward. Spread the light to the whole room and also serve lighting like an accent lamp. Also the light can be adjusted and rotated in several angles if there is any option in the floor lamps that give off a lot of light.

  • Tree Lamps:

A tree lamp is the best way to use multi-way lighting. These types of lamps provide huge lighting and can be used as floor lamps for small spaces. The feature of the lamp is it has several poles based on single stand. So the lamp also looks attractive and good for home decoration.

  • Tower Lamps:

Tower lamp is another beautiful looking modern floor lamp that provides a pleasant and gentle glow across the room. The lamp designed with special three dimensional inserts.

  • Classic Floor Lamp:

If you want sharp brightness then classic floor lamp is best for you. These types of lamp provide best brightness when it is attached with good quality lamp shade.

  • Arch Floor Lamp:

When you want to light up your desired space then arch floor is the best one. This type of floor lamp is lightweight that can be easily adjusted in any place such as behind the sofa, couch, table or beds.


You will find several floor lamps while you will search for the good one. Try to purchase the lamp which will match your requirements. At the time of purchasing a lamp consider your room space, safety, design of lamp and brand. Because the branded product will serve you best support for long time.

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