What Size Undermount Sinks for 30 Inch Cabinet?

what size undermount sink for 30 inch cabinet

Sink is essential for every kitchen and bathroom. But before installing the sink to your cabinet you need to measure the exact cabinet size as well as sink size with its depth. So here we are going to discuss about the measurement and different types of sink that will cover your cabinet to remove all of your confusions.

Measuring the Cabinet Size for Undermount Sinks for 30 Inch Cabinet:

So first you need to measure the countertop of your cabinet so that your sink can be easily installed. Measure the width from left to right with measuring tape and allow at least 2 to 3 inch gap each side for installing the hardware. If your cabinet is 30 inch you need a sink that is 27 inch. That means 27 inch undermount sink will fit in 30 inch cabinet.

Then measure the cabinet depth so that sink can be fitted under the countertop and the ideal size of the depth of cabinet is 24 inch but your cabinet size can vary. So measure the accurate cabinet size and that is not so tough. And finally choose the height of the sink from top to bottom. And also keep in mind if you have additional garbage disposal bin.

Types of Kitchen Sink:

Drop in Sink:

A drop in sink is easy to install and use in any kitchen and bathroom countertop. There is a pre-cut hole in the countertop and also known as a top mount sink. Some of the drop in sink are found in rimmed but most of them are self-rimming.

Under Mount Sink:

On the other hand under mount sink is easy to clean and need to install in a smooth surface and granite.

Front Apron / Farmhouse Sink:

Farmhouse sink is large in size and deep also. These sinks are easy to clean for large pot and pans.

All in One Sink:

All in one sink fits almost all types of countertop. This type of sink comes with two different units such as

  1. Single bowl,
  2. Double bowl,
  3. Triple bowl.

Wall Mounted Sink:

We already understood with its name that wall mounted sink are attached with wall and that’s why the wall needs to be more sturdy because the weight of the sink bases on the wall. This types of sink does not need any cabinet base to install and looks gorgeous. The material used in this sink is stainless steel, porcelain and cast iron. It can be best choice for making modern kitchen.

Commercial Sink:

Commercial sinks are usually used in restaurant and other commercial places. Commercial sinks are durable and sturdy than any other sink used in home. These types of sink are found in various materials.

Bar Sink:

A small sink where there is another sink installed. Bar sink is used to save space. These sink comes with material such as stainless steel.

Material That Mostly Use in Kitchen Sink:

  1. Stainless Steel

  2. Granite

  3. Cast Iron

  4. Copper

  5. Fireclay

  6. Quartz

  7. Acrylic

Some Related FAQ to Know:

Question: Can you put a 30 undermount sink in 30 cabinet?

Answer: No, you need keep some 2/3 inches gap in the cabinet. That means for a 30 inch cabinet you need a 27/28 inch sink.

Question: How do I know what size undermount sink I need?

Answer: As we mentioned before you need to measure properly before purchasing a sink.

Question: What size sink fits a 33 inch base cabinet?

Answer: 33 by 22 inch sink are perfect for a 36 inch base cabinet.

Question: what size undermount sink for 18 inch cabinet

Answer: For a smaller cabinet like 18 inch you need 16.5 inch to 17 inch sink.

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