How to Sit on Sofa with Lower Back Pain

After sitting on a couch for a couple of minutes, the lower back pain starts spoiling the relaxation. And, it’s a very familiar situation that many of us face every now and then. However, there is no instant cure for this problem, but maintaining some couch-sitting precautions can help.

Well, many times your sofa can be a main cause of your back pain instead of your sitting posture. In that case, you must change your couch and get a good sofa for reducing back pain. Nowadays this sort of health-friendly sofa is quite familiar.

However, here we have noted down some significant ways to reduce lower back pain while sitting on a sofa below.

Let’s check, them out.

How to Sit on Sofa with Lower Back Pain

How to Sit on Sofa with Lower Back Pain

Here we have talked about what facts you need to focus on while sitting on a sofa to avoid lower back pain. Here they are.


Maintain the Right sitting Posture

According to the right sitting posture principle, you must not sit in a position that bends your spinal cord and slumps your body. Your knees shouldn’t be much higher than your hip when you sit.

Generally, while sitting on a couch, our keens are always in a higher position than our hip. And, it mostly happens in the case of sofa and couch compared to sitting on the bed or other surfaces.

However, with softer and fluffier sofas, you can’t maintain the proper sitting posture.


Select the Right Sofa

It’s better to avoid extremely soft sofas. This type of sofa or couch grabs the body inside of it and changes the body shape when you sit on them.

Slowly, the bent spinal cord and the back of your body get’s used to that wrong position, and when you move to get back to the normal position, it hurts very bad. So, it’s important to make your sofa less soft and more healthy for your body.


Change Your Position

Don’t sit in the same position for a longer time. Change your sitting style every 15-20 minutes for reducing back and body pain. Try sitting in the front, back, left, and right, and make your body move to avoid back pain.

However, sitting in the same position for a long time doesn’t only cause back pain, it can also damage other body parts too.   


Avoid sitting on Couch

As sitting on a sofa or couch increases back pain rapidly, many people find it safer to avoid sitting on a couch for a longer time. Well, it might not seem to be a very good suggestion for you if you enjoy sitting on a sofa very much.

However, changing this habit can be a very good solution to your back pain. If you can’t quite instantly, take your time and try avoiding spending a lot of time on the couch from now.


Tricks and Tips to Sit on Sofa with Lower Back Pain

As you have already known about important facts to maintaining while sitting on a sofa. Now, let’s reveal some tricks to sit properly on any ordinary sofa in order to remove back pain. Here are the suggested tricks below.   


Use Cushions

Get 1-2 sofa cushions and place them on the sofa seat. Make sure it maintains a perfect knee and hip level when you sit. If your hip gets down a lot than your knee when you sit, this cushion trick can be a great idea to maintain a good sitting posture. If the cushions are very soft, use as many as needed to create a good surface.


Use Blanket

If you don’t have perfect cushions to make a good seat for you, just get some blankets and fold them in the same mini size. Now, put them on the sofa seat just like you placed the cushions. Add as many blankets as needed to make a good sitting level. Blankets are a better option than cushions, as they are less soft and more stable.


Get a Back Support

Place a cushion right behind your back before you sit on the couch. It helps to maintain a good shape on your back and spinal cord even after when you sit for a longer time. Getting the cushion back support is important whenever you sit for a long time works.



In this article, we have suggested all key tips and tricks for preventing back pain while sitting on a sofa. There are some helpful exercises as well that can help amazingly to reduce back pain rapidly. Try out our excellent tricks and get a sofa for reducing back pain for a better result. I hope, the information on how to sit on sofa with lower back pain was helpful.

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