Living room window treatments for large windows

Living room window treatments for large windows

Having a large window in your living room is a fascinating feature one can have! It is visually appealing and provides ample natural light to the room. However, when it comes to draping the windows, it is a tough job to do!

That’s because those extra-large windows cannot be draped with randomly picked curtains. It would kill the aesthetic vibe and ruin the living room’s outlook.

So, I am here to guide you about living room window treatments for large windows that can be beneficial to you.


Living Room Window Treatments for Large Windows

Window treatments for large windows can be tricky and difficult as you do not want to ruin the exquisite look of your living room.

Here are a few tips on how you can make the easiest and attractive window treatments to your large windows!

  • Plantation shutters

Planting a shutter in the large window is always a great option. They are easy to clean and do not need extra maintenance to keep them better. Using wood, solid polymer or both will be more long-lasting.

If you want to bring some statements in your living room, you can customize your shutters. These add extra elegance to your living room.

You can go to the shops or consult interior designers to get the desired shutters for your window. You can easily make your version of shutters with their help.


  • Use sheer vertical blinds

Sheer vertical blinds are the go-to window treatment among modern window treatments. You can coordinate the blinds along with your pillows and sofa covers.

If your window is wider but not longer, it will cover up the length for you. Vertical blinds make your ceiling look taller than the usual height.

Moreover, the sheer fabric of the blinds does not let the harsh sunlight enter the room directly. Even, you can add dark panels to get privacy in your living room from the outside.


  • Hang multiple curtains sequentially

If your large window has multiple windows in a row, it will work best. Hang curtains for each window separately what will give an illusion of a large living room. Moreover, it will bring continuity to the room.

Curtains are versatile options for decorating a room. When it comes to the living room, we are always extra cautious to make it perfect.

You can play with colors for the curtains. If you want a vintage look for your living room, add white curtains. If you want something vibrant, go for colorful curtains.


  • Curtains on the edges

You can hang curtains on the edges of your large window. It is one of the easiest and effortless treatments for your large window. It will make your living room appear larger than its usual size.

Besides, it looks stylish and elegant at the same time. By putting the curtains on the edges, you can get a great living room appearance.

  • Use cellular shades

Among all the shades, cellular shades are very efficient. They can trap air between the layers which causes less energy loss. Moreover, they are great in style.

Cellular shades are simple and elegant in style and make your living room attractive effortlessly. They are user-friendly as well. you can customize your cellular shades with given measurements and colors.

Adding cellular shades to your large window will make your room look better as well as keep a warm temperature that will be enjoyable! Cellular shades even bring variety to the room.


  • Roman shades

Roman shades can be an alternative to long fabric curtains for your window treatment. Roman shades provide a subtle and rich look to your large window.

You can choose your materials for the shades according to your choice. They come in a variety of colors and options. You know that you can easily open them up and let the light enter your room keeping it stylish.



Window treatments play an important role for any room whether it is a living room or not. A little change in the window can bring a huge difference to your living room.

We discussed some of the window treatments that can make your large window look attractive. If you want to upgrade your living room, you can simply follow these tips.

We aimed to help you to find the perfect solution for your living room window treatments for large windows.

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