How to Update a Chandelier with Shades

How to Update a Chandelier with Shades

A chandelier is a great option when it comes to decorating our home. It can be used for multiple purposes like lighting sources and decorative pieces. So, people often choose chandeliers to make their home look fancier.

Now, you may have a chandelier but you are not satisfied with the old one anymore. Then, what can you do to make your chandelier look new and modern?

I am here to guide you about how to update a chandelier with shades that will bring an exquisite look to your home.


How to Update a Chandelier with Shades

There are plenty of ways to redecorate your old chandelier with shades. If you are having a hard time choosing one among them, do not worry. I will explain to you how easily you can do it!


  • Add drum shades to the chandelier

Chandeliers look beautiful in the ceiling. But we do not want to keep anything backdated in our home all the time.

So, adding drum shades to the chandelier can be a great alternative. It will bring an extra glow to the room. It is an inexpensive way to get your old chandelier a new makeover.

Moreover, it is easy to set. The shades accessories are easy to install. Follow the given instructions and install the shades around your old chandelier. Viola! Your chandeliers are now updated and look good.


  • Ceiling lights can be an option

Well, besides, shades, you can use ceiling lights to alternate your idea of getting shades. These lights include shades to the crystal chandeliers.

The combination of the shades with the accessories will bring two distinctive looks to your house at the cost of one!

There are several easy methods to get the shades on your chandeliers. It does not need a lot of work but can give you a good result. Furthermore, the lights and the shades can provide a similar result to updating the chandeliers.


  • Sheer magic shades for you

You can easily get your version of magic shades for the chandelier. Wondering how you can do it?

Sheer magic system- I guess you are known to this term. Even if you are not, let me explain. Sheer magic system or glow sheer magic system includes sheer drum shades and some accessories for your chandelier.

If you have a crystal chandelier in your house, this sheer magic system can be the perfect idea to get an elegant look. It enhances the beauty of your room. The sheer glow in the room gives an aesthetic vibe as well.


  • DIY shades

DIY shades are always there for you to help! Yes, you can make your version of shades in your way to get your chandelier a new look.

It sounds fun, right? I think DIY projects are always fun to do. These reflect your taste and creativity at the same time. your shades can have the reflection of your personality too.

If you search for the ideas of DIY shades, you will get tons of them. Choose one and start to express your creativity! You can customize your shades according to your taste.



So, I tried to talk about all the possible ways you can utilize to make your old chandelier look new. It does not cost much yet brings elegance to the house.

Updating the chandelier with shades can instantly change the entire outlook. Who does not want that?

If you are someone who loves to decorate the house with something new, these ideas will let you do that. I hope all your inquiries on how to update a chandelier with shades are covered in the content. These tips will help you to get the transformation easily. Good luck.

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