How to Make a Comfortable Bed Without a Mattress

Whenever we think of having a sound and peaceful sleep, we always prefer a big bed with a soft mattress or something very cozy. Sometimes, it is really difficult to maintain the mattress for your king size bed. Moreover, if you have a smart room, it will require a large space for the bedframe.

However, the interesting part of our discussion is that it can be done with proper props and innovative decoration ideas in a small budget. So, do you know how to make a comfortable bed without a mattress? If don’t, then nothing to worry. We will let you know everything in this regard.

Let us explore it below.

Make a Comfortable Bed Without a Mattress


Some effective ideas  about how to make a comfortable bed without mattress: 

When you will be at home, you will look for a comfortable bed for taking a short nap or sound sleep. Unfortunately, because of room size, decoration, or budget, it might not be possible to set a complete bed set including bed frame, mattress, bed sheet, comforter or duvet.

Hence, there is a solution to make your bed comfortable without using a big bed frame and tall mattress. You can simply decorate your room using Moroccan floor cushions, Futon matt, Thai matt, Hammock, sleeping bed, sofa or airbed.

You can even simply use DIY to decorate your room in a creative way. Let us talk about the available options you can go for easily.

Futon mats are the thin type of mat which is foldable and easy to use. You just have to put it down on the floor. It is lighter and easy to store in your small apartment. It is really comfortable and will give you a cozy sleep. Though it is widely used by the Japanese, the use of this kind of mat is also very common in the USA, UK, & Canada as well.

  • Moroccan Style Floor Cushion

Using Moroccan style floor cushion is not only solving your sleeping problem but also giving an idea to decorate your Studio apartment as a colorful sitting place.
There are different types of floor cushions at a reasonable price. You can select any types of cushions which will give a comfy, modern, and different look to your apartment.

  • Portable Airbed

This portable air bed is widely used in western countries instead of a mattress. It is an amazingly comfortable and standard form of bed that can give a sound sleep.
Whenever you need an extra bed for your guest, you can use this kind of air bed. It is very easy to make and also to dissemble. You do not have to struggle while maintaining them.

  • Unique idea of using Hammock

Using a hammock as a bed is an unusual idea but it will give a different look in your room. We all know how comfortable it is for a peaceful sleep. Though most people use it for the outdoors, it can give your room an uncommon look and colorful style. However, you have to make sure that you are using a sturdy wall to hang your hammock to avoid unwanted accidents.

  • Using Sleeping bed for indoors

We know sleeping bags are mostly used outdoors. Did you ever think of using sleeping bags indoors? It can be an easy solution for the immigrant students to solve their temporary sleeping problem.

If you have a small studio apartment, you can select this sleeping bag option. As it is designed for camping, it is easy to carry and very soft and comfortable for sleeping. You can stack them in the morning and use the space for other purposes.

  • DIY ideas for sleeping

You definitely have few blankets and a sewing machine at your home. You can easily make your own styled bed by using these. During sleeping time, you can use this blanket made bed and you can fold it during morning time. You can also use this blanket to decorate your room using colorful different sized cushions and bed sheets. Though it sounds like a hack of work, it will give a unique look to your place as well as a convenient sleeping place.



As you know how to make a comfortable bed without a mattress, now you can make your bed comfortable, soft, and simple without using a mattress. It will not only save your money but also provide you extra space to use. It is also easy to make and dissemble whenever it needs to be done. You even can come up with your own unique ideas to decorate your bedroom without using a traditional mattress and bed.

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