Tricks on How to Hang Curtains to Make a Room Look Bigger

How to Hang Curtains to Make a Room Look Bigger


Small apartments with small rooms are immensely popular among people as it is less expensive and easy to maintain. However, many people might not want their rooms to look very small or congested.

To create an illusion of a bigger room, curtains can be your option. The curtain’s rod or panel, color, blackout curtains or drapes can change the total view of your house. And of course, all of these also can be done on a budget.

Do you want to know, how to hang curtains to make a room look bigger? If so, then let’s know details about the curtain rods and types of curtains which can help you to give our room a bigger look.


How to Hang a Curtain to Make a Room Look Bigger: Ways to go with

A room can look bigger simply by hanging the curtain in a proper way. Are you shocked? No way. Yes, it can be possible.

Let’s assume that we want to decorate a small room which has an average sized window. Then let’s check out which options are available for us to give the room a bigger look.

The position of curtain panel

The position of the curtain panel is very important. It can give a different dimensional look of your room. The idea of the standard position of setting the curtain panel is above the window and wider than the window edge.

If it is possible, set the panel near to the ceiling and use a wider one which will give a view of the large window. Try to cover the wall as much as possible.

Curtain’s panel or rod

There are different sized and designed curtain panels that you will find on some on online and offline stores. You can easily buy them in your budget.

However, you must consider a few facts while selecting the panel. For an example, you can select natural ingredients to make a curtain rod like a wooden rod which will give an eye-catching look. Select a wider curtain panel which will help you to pull the curtain at the sides of the window.

Fabric and Texture of Curtain

There are different types of fabric for curtains. You can choose according to your preference.

If you want to protect your furniture and colors of your room sunlight and UV rays, using a blackout curtain will be great. You can do same to prevent the heat of summer; prevent the noise pollution,.

Besides that, if you want to set double panel curtains, a blackout curtain can be a good option. In that case, you can pull the blackout curtain at the side of the window and use a lace fabric curtain to cover the full window. In this way, you can be benefited in both ways.

In addition, the pattern of fabric can play a vital role to create an illusion of a big room. For example, the vertically striped texture of the curtain will make your room look bigger. So, select the pattern and material of the curtain wisely.

Color of Curtain

Light color curtains can give a warm, well lighted and spacious look to your room. Off white color, grey color, beige color, pastel green, teal blue, light peach color can be chosen as the curtain color.

Length of Curtain

The length of the curtain is another important fact to give your room a bigger look. Avoid window sized curtains or mid length curtains which will give a higher and thinner look of the wall. Another way is window treatment to fit the curtain.

Try to select the length of the curtain in a way so that an extra portion of the curtain rests on the floor. This kind of idea will give a spacious view of the certain room.

Other Factors

Select lighter furniture to decorate your small room along with curtains so that it can give a cozy, welcoming and spacious look to your room.

Heavy furniture or heavy designed curtains will make your room look congested. So, choosing the right curtains and furniture makes a significant impact on the look of your room.



We all want a spacious room for ourselves. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for several reasons. Nevertheless, we can give our room a bigger look by simply following the right method of curtain hanging to decorate our room.

Hence, now you know how to hang curtains to make a room bigger. Using the correct curtain’s panel; perfect length of curtain; and right color of curtain can easily make our room convenient, warmer, welcoming and spacious.

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