How To Get Shelf Liner / Drawer Liner To Stay In Place

A Shelf liner is an essential object that makes your shelf look gorgeous. Besides, it will protect your shelf from moisture and scratches. Now the question is how to get shelf liner to stay in place?

 Well, by reading this article, you will learn a step-by-step process of getting a shelf liner.

So, let’s start our journey.

How To Get Shelf Liner Drawer Liner To Stay In Place

How to get shelf liner to stay in place: a complete guideline

Getting a shelf liner to stay in place is a very simple process. To do this work, you need to follow a complete process that contains some easy steps.

However, you need the best shelf liner indeed. So, before jumping to the ultimate process, let’s have a look at the selecting procedure of the best liner for your shelf.


Select the best shelf liner:

To get the best shelf liner, you need to keep in mind some crucial matters.

First of all, decide the accurate texture of the liner. There are various textures available for the liner. Some liners contain very flat surfaces. On the other hand, others are soft or grip-type.

Secondly, you need to select your intended shelf liner. Many types of shelf liners are available in the market. The liners are even made of a wide variety of materials. The liners can be made of foam, fabrics, or plastics.

And finally, choose an adhesive or non-adhesive liner. An adhesive shelf liner contains sticky material to stay in the right place. You can’t change it whenever you need to. Because of its adhesiveness, it can’t be removed completely.

On the other hand, a non-adhesive liner has a grip bottom. It doesn’t contain any sticky materials. At the same time, it is thicker than an adhesive liner.

However, never forget to consider the price matter while choosing the best shelf liner.


Necessary pieces of equipment

You will need some essential tools to run the process of getting a  shelf liner to stay in place. The necessary pieces of equipment are:


However, these tools will help you to make a proper measurement and make a good cut of the shelf liner.

Now, let’s jump to the ultimate process.


Step 1: Take out everything from the shelf

At the very beginning of the process, you need to take out everything from your shelf. The shelf may contain your necessary items. Remove them so that you can work freely. Be careful while removing your materials from the shelf as they can’t be broken.


Step 2: Clean the shelf

Now, clean your shelf. In the cleaning process, you can use a towel or washed cloth. After scrubbing with the towel, try to use warm water for better cleaning. After watering, dry the shelf thoroughly. Now your shelf is ready to get a liner.


Step 3: Calculate the space of the shelf

Measure the space with a ruler or measuring tape. At first, calculate the length of the shelf. Then, measure the width. Never forget to note down your calculation to avoid further confusion. So, try to get a notebook and pen so that you can keep a record of the calculation.


Step 4: Measure the liner

After completing the calculation, you need to measure the liner. To estimate the liner, put it on a flat surface. Then measure the length and width of the shelf liner according to your note. Keep in mind that a perfect measurement of the liner will give you a better and more durable service.


Step 5: Mark your required area

In this step, you have to mark your required area. You must mark according to the measurement that you did in the previous step. In this step, use a marker and ruler. Try to use a removable ink marker so that the marks won’t stay for a long time.


Step 6: Make a good cut of the liner

Now, start the cutting procedure according to the marks that you made in the previous step. Use sharp scissors to cut the liner smoothly. Some experts suggest cutting the length of the liner at first. Then cut the width quietly. However, a good cut is a primary requirement for a shelf liner. So, try to do it perfectly.


Step 7: Place the liner

The most crucial step of the whole process is placing the liner. Put the adhesive side of the liner on the downside of the shelf. However, set the shelf liner accurately. Now, your shelf is prepared to use.


Step 8: Restock your items

After placing the liner accurately, you can restock your items on the shelf. So, replace them very carefully.



It should be now clear that a shelf liner is a very crucial thing to keep your shelf and materials free from damage. So, you will undoubtedly get a lot of benefits from a shelf liner.

I hope you have a clear concept now on how to get shelf liner to stay in place? Now, start to work and follow the whole process very carefully.

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