How To Clean Septic Tank Without Pumping?

Are you looking for a proper guideline on how to clean septic tank without pumping? Do you want to know the ways of cleaning a septic tank? Then, you are in the right place!

In this article, we will inform you about different ways to clean your septic tank. You will get to know the cleaning process, required materials, and the necessity of keeping the tank cleaned.

Without wasting any time, let’s start our journey.

How to Clean Septic Tank Without Pumping

How to Clean Septic Tank Without Pumping?

Pumping is considered the ultimate cleaning process of a septic tank. But sometimes, you may face difficulties cleaning a tank by pumping. Now, how can you clean your septic tank? Well, there are some efficient ways by which you can clean the tank properly.

Let’s explore more.


Why do you need to clean a septic tank?

A septic tank is used to treat the wastewater. There are many reasons for which you have to clean your septic tank regularly. The most crucial reasons are:

  • To keep the wastewater treating system efficient.
  • To remove sludge from the tank.
  • To get it free from scum buildup.
  • To keep water quality out of danger.
  • To get rid of a costly repair.

Whatever the reason is, you just need to clean the tank regularly.


The cleaning process

When you notice that your septic tank begins to overflow, odors from the tank blows in the air, or other signs, then you need to make the tank clean. However, for a natural or without pumping cleaning process, you must follow some basic steps.

These steps will let you make your tank neat and clean. Now, let’s jump to the cleaning steps.


Make good preparations.

In this very beginning step, you need to locate the tank. After locating, remove the specks of dirt from the top of the tank. Now, try to measure the depth of the sludge’s by a pipe.

However, never forget to arrange your necessary tools for the whole cleaning process.


Clean the filters

If your tank holds the filter, you need to clean it. Firstly, open the tank and pull out the filter. To pull it out, you can use a wedding tool or just your hands.

Then, clean the filter with water. Try to make it fresh. Check the pinch of the filter so that any crack can be noticed.

If you find that the filter is cracked or damaged, replace it.


Remove sludge

The basic work of the cleaning process is removing the sludge’s from the tank. There are many natural ways to remove the sludge’s from the tank. But using active dry yeast is considered the most functional method.

Put the active yeast in a place that is near the mainline of the septic tank. Use a certain amount of active dry yeast.

Now, try to do plush. After passing to the tank, the yeast will create good bacteria in the tank. And the bacteria will remove the sludge.

Try to do this process once a month so that the sludge can’t stay for a long time.


Additional methods to reduce sludge

Here are some additional methods to reduce sludge. The very crucial methods are:

Firstly, if the tank contains any dense sludge, try to break them.

Secondly, install a bio activator in your tank so that the production of the sludge can be reduced.

And finally, establish an aeration system in the septic tank. An aeration system is a highly preferable method.

With this system, your tank will get an excellent source of natural air. And the sludge can be reduced.


Clean the lines

You may notice field drains attached to the septic tank. You have to clear out these drains also to make a proper cleaning process. You can also use these drains to dispose of septic waste.

Keep in mind that disposing of is a crucial part of the cleaning process.


Important tips

  • Try to keep your septic mainline clear.
  • Use necessary safety equipment.
  • Maintain regularity in the cleaning process.
  • In a complicated case, let a professional handle the process.



Cleaning a septic tank without pumping is not very tough or costly work. I believe that you will be able to clean your septic tank properly after reading this article without a sump pump.

So, try to act according to the process of how to clean septic tank without pumping. And get a neat and clean septic tank.

Good luck!

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