How to Change the Look of a Tudor Style House

Change the Look of a Tudor Style House

Are you thinking about how to change the look of a tudor style house? Don’t think about this. I will give you some insight that will help you to change the front looks.

However changing the look of a tudor style house is not so tough. There are many ways to change the front looks and lighting such as a fresher color palette. This palette stays loyal to the period of home. They also highlight its traditional beauty.

You can easily update the color of the home as well as the roof, door, gutters and trim.

And you can even face some problems to do so. So Let us find out the process to change the look of a tudor style house.


How to Change the Look of a Tudor Style House

We know that Tudor houses have various distinguishing characteristics, such as an inaccessible pitched ceiling and several overlapping, different heights of front-facing gables. The majority of their outwards are brick; however they are accentuated with other materials.

You can use the methods listed below to achieve your goals properly:

  •  Use Vertical Wood

Vertical slats of wood protruding downward from the gable roof are the features of a Tudor dwelling. Though in the past, half-timbers had been used to make initial Tudor homes, they are wide-spaced now.

The current versions include everything from foam molds to wood veneer .It is the simplest and least expensive method of painting them by the certain color and the exterior interpretation.

You can reface the timbers along with a stone veneer in a variety of ways. And the way includes producing a single facing across the wall, adding the identical veneer to the interspace, removing the cross gables, and smearing them the identical color as the outward.

  • Bring Change in Windows

A tudor-style home is generally designed with multi-paned windows. The windows are trimmed in dark wood so that they match the vertical timbers. Here, you have to repaint the window frames as well as pane supports. You may avoid the heaviness of the dark wood.

If your home is made of brick, then the white trim will give it a Colonial look.

  •  Think About the Doors

Wooden doors were common in Tudor dwellings. You can choose a light color to replace the doors. Repainting can also be a good idea.

If there is an arch above the door, then fill it with glass so that more light can come into the corridor. Remove the hardware made with heavy iron, or repaint it to match the door’s color.

Besides you can use polished brushed silver, brass, or antique gold fittings to update the entry.

  • Enlighten Gable Roofs

We know that initial Tudor houses had slate roofs. And that some of them are dormer windows in the gable. You utilize barrel tiling since redesigning the roof line seems expensive.

To match the roof, you will need to keep the outward facing light. And they should be in the identical color as a roof.

  • Consider Changing Landscaping

The importance of landscaping in English Tudor is undeniable. Many Tudor homes have topiary, roses, hedging, and other beautiful flowers.

Bodiless plants to your area can be incorporated into the bedding. Small conifers along with majestic flowers are great for bedding around, while royal palms and conifers give it a Mediterranean flavor.

  • Exterior Lighting

To provide partial light to the façade while also adding curb appeal, you can replace old exterior lighting fixtures with new, improved ones. Add a sconce on both sides of the entrance door to illuminate the area and emphasize it as the home’s focal point.

For a contemporary look, choose metals such as oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. You can also pay attention to motifs that reflect nature, such as pine cones, trees and flowers, which are perfect for a lodge, cottage, or Cape Cod home.

More formal patterns, such as a lantern design, are occasionally more suited for a two-story colonial or brick structure.

  • Decorative Shutters

You can add board, louvered and batten, or raised-panel ornamental shutters on each side of a home’s windows to make it look more beautiful. They help enunciate the window area with design and color.

Then, contemplate shutter colors that go with the siding of the house. Most homes can benefit from it.

  • Seasonal Window Boxes

To add color and texture to the outward of your house, utilize window boxes on the front side of the facade. Window boxes that are painted in a color will surely match the outward of the house and make the pressure-treated wood look the most beautiful.



I hope you have found this information to be helpful. I can expect now that you know how to change the look of a tudor style house, don’t you?

And if you follow the methods that are mentioned above, you obviously should be able to change the look of a tudor style house. Definitely that house will be looking so beautiful, charming and eye-pleasing.

Now it is your turn. Apply these solutions properly.

Best wishes from my side.

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