How to Block Light from Door Crack

How to Block Light from Door Crack

It is natural to like a bright and airy room, but there is always another part of the story. Whether you are working on night shifts or doing a science project, there are times when you need to block those traces of light.

It’s easy to say but hard to attain. No matter how much you try, those door cracks always get in your way, and streaks of light start peeping right into your room. Anyway, there are many ways to prevent the situation.

Therefore, today, you and I are going to work on some super easy techniques on how to block light from door crackSo, let’s jump straight into the action and block all those rays.

How to block light from door crack 

For better convenience, we have come up with the simplest set of light-blocking ideas that you can work on within a small budget. So, check out these interesting ideas that I explained below.

Cover with curtains

Adding a curtain is the simplest yet the most effective technique for blocking light. However, there are some important facts that you need to consider before choosing a one.

For example, if you choose a curtain that is too small or thin for your door, it will most probably pass light what so ever. Therefore, always take proper measurements and check on the fabric materials before buying your curtains.

Tuck some sponges

Another quick and easy trick to block light from door crack is to fill up any gaps by tucking some sponges on them.

However, the trick is not a permanent or reliable solution. Therefore, you can consider doing it during an emergency. Also, make sure to tuck the sponges after you close your door properly.

Additional towels

Apart from the sides, the crack under the door is also responsible for passing those rays of light. Therefore, an easy way to control the situation is to add a towel beneath the door.

Again, you can take the same approach to cover the side cracks as well. However, you cannot keep these towels in such a position forever. So, keep that in mind and add it when needed only.

Foils and stickers

Well, towels or extra sponge padding have opted for temporary measures. However, you can use the same concept of filling in the gaps and still make it sturdier by using foil papers or stickers.

Foil papers and stickers are light and cheap. What’s more, are that they are super easy to tuck and goes for a long time as well.

Fixing loosen screws

You might notice that your door cracks are appearing larger as it is growing older. The most common reason for it is the loose screws and joints that create such an illusion.

Therefore, tightening up the screws and fixing any problem areas can block a large portion of the light passing through these cracks.

Precise measurement

The size and ratio of the door and its rim is a key factor when you are trying to block any light. Therefore, pay attention to maintain accurate measurements of the door and minimize the cracks and the gaps that come along with it.


Final words

So many impressive ideas! Some need a few stuffs where some of them merely take a tiny bit of alteration only. So, which part did you like the most?

Nonetheless, there is not any hard and fast rule of it. Therefore, take your time and find out the approach that works best for you. Also, feel free to mix and match the techniques to come up with the perfect combination and get the perfect result.

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