How to Arrange Furniture in a Square Bedroom

How to Arrange Furniture in a Square Bedroom

Are you worried about arranging your furniture in your square bedroom? Don’t worry. Here we will give you a great insight about this.

You know there are several sorts of bedroom settings. Someone has a big closet, whereas another does not. Anyway, we want to provide you with some thoughts & ideas for your personal bedroom design which is around 12 by 12 feet in size.

Let’s get right to the point regarding how to arrange furniture in a square bedroom.


How to Arrange Furniture in a Square Bedroom?

You are shifting into the property with such a square bedroom.  Then you should have the idea to design your bedroom with furniture for best efficiency and aesthetic.

The rest of the part of this article will guide you throughout the six-step procedure of precisely arranging the furniture inside your square room.


Step 1: Measure things out.

In order to create an effective plan, first of all, you should evaluate the immediate vicinity, considering architectural aspects and features.

Create a floor plan from the beginning and note down the dimensions in inches. Make a list of the doors, windows, outlets, bump-outs, and tv connections and anything else specific to your area.

Use tools like AutoCAD, Google Sketch Up, or employ a third party when hand drawing and taking notes aren’t effective.


Step 2: Make a list of what you already have.

All you really need to understand about the height, breadth, and depth is what you record. It is really essential to make a list of the furniture you own and include that information in your square footage.


Step 3: Designing a Space.

There are some components that are regarded as essential in order to make a perfect bedroom situation such as bed, nightstand, dresser, and seating.

You should make at least five different room layouts. If your original concept fits better, viewing the other alternatives will help you to feel more secure and deliberate about where you put your stuff.

Don’t ever be scared to sprint in thirty inches in key spots like on either edge of the bed and when departing and entering the bedroom.


Step 4: Choose the Correct Furniture.

Manufacturers with a good reputation should be used. Always pay attention to the ‘Details’ section.

Furniture with confusing labeling, such as (Real and Processed Wood), should be ignored. Rather, search for features such as (Real Mahogany and Walnut Veneers). Recheck the headboard’s height and implementation to ensure that it will fit your space.


Step 5: Arrange your bedroom furniture in a strategic manner.

The beds should be set up first. The bed should be positioned in the center of the wall, however try to ensure you leave sufficient space at the room’s entry and also the necessary thirty inches space around the bed’s sides.

Nightstands should be at least 3 inches apart from the bed.

A low or high dresser can be positioned opposite a bed. A comfortable sitting piece, such as a bench, lounge chair, and  sofa, is indeed a great addition to any bedroom.

If the bedroom entrance is already in the middle of a wall, the right choice is to put the comfortable sitting just on opposite corner from windows. Thus you might look outside when avoiding winds.

If you discover that you would want desk in your bedroom, installing a desk next to the bed but on an adjacent partition is a fantastic choice in this era of teleworking. Also mirrors that are large and full length are popular in bedrooms.


Step 6: Finish by hanging artwork and adding other finishing touches.

A bigger portion of art with tranquil themes and hues, especially just over the headboards, can assist to add a soothing anchor to the area. The removal of a bunch of accessories, art and extra baggage may lead the thoughts to be too occupied before sleep.

Mobile chargers may have a strong presence in the bedroom, so selecting a smart place for them – perhaps in a drawer or under a dresser – might help balancing out the technical influence.



I hope you’ve found this information to be helpful. Now you know how to arrange furniture in a square bedroom, right?

And if you follow the methods above, you should be able to create an eye-pleasing and precisely furnished bedroom.

To create the most serene environment for a period of proper rest, include relaxing art and decor as well reducing unnecessary mess. So, without any further do, use your furniture to create the best version of your bedroom.

Good luck with your furniture arrangement.

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