How Many Lamps in Living Room

How many lamps in living room

The living room is one of the zestful spaces of a home. The word ‘living’ itself implies how lovely it is! We hang out with our family and friends and watch tv or read books in the living room.

Considering the fact, it should have layered lighting to create a cozy ambience. It can include a blend of ambient, accent and task lighting- chandelier, sconce, reading lamp etc.

In this content, we will discuss some bright ideas to guide you on how many lamps in living room.


How many lamps in living room

Lighting can make your decoration game strong if you just mix and match the whole lighting thing. Well, it is true because a simple change in your corner of the living room can change the entire outlook of the room. To give you a clearer picture, the ideas have been discussed below.


  • Mix it up

We often make the mistake of adding only one source of lighting in the living space. We should add more than one source of lighting. To create a highlighted ambience, add accent lights. You can put reading lamps near your seating arrangement to add layer lighting.


  • Consider the room’s location

If the room is south facing, it will have an adequate amount of light during the daytime. Thus, we do not need to use many layers of light. Adding one or two sources of lighting would give a good result whereas if the room is north facing, it might need more layers of light.


  • Brighten up the corners

Do you know by adding some floor lamps in the corner of your living room you can change the entire look? Yes, if your living room is not that spacious, you can simply add some lamps in the corners and it will give an illusion of a bigger room!


  • Play with the environment

If you think the lights are too bright for your space, then don’t worry! You can add dimmers to all your lights. Dimmers will enable to adjust the brightness accordingly.


  • Look into every detail

Whether you add ample lamps in your living room, you should not overlook the possible drawbacks. The main purpose of putting lights is to eliminate the darkness from the room.

So, you should use soft white bulbs for the lamps to avoid the shadow. Moreover, the lamps should be oriented in such a way so that the shades can sit properly over the lamps and provide adequate light to the living room.


  • Choose your bulbs wisely

Well, till now we have been talking about how many types of lamps or lights should you put in our living room. However, increasing the number of lights will never be sufficient if the bulbs are not good enough! You should use the bulbs for our lamps that provide warm light. For example- warm colored LED lights.


  • Reuse the old stuff

Reusing old lamps in the living room can bring an aesthetic look as well as useful! Antique lamps can be set in one corner of the seating arrangement and they will both work as a showpiece and provide task lighting.


  • Do not overdo anything

One of the biggest mistakes people make while adding lights in the living room is that they overdo things. It means without understanding the orientation of the room, they simply add lights disorderly.

It is a big NO! Always be careful while working on the lighting. If your room’s lighting gets covered with 2/3 lights in the corners, then stick to this.

We often make the mistake of thinking that numerous fancy lamps will enhance the lighting of the room. Rather, it just messes up the whole lighting order.



Decorating the living room is quite a tough job. You need to keep so many things in your mind while working. Lighting is also a major fact which instantly changes the entire outlook of a living room.

Through this content, we’ve tried to cover all the ideas that might come in handy when you are worried about how many lamps in living room should be. If you find any of these ideas is not working, you should look for a professional’s help.

I hope this might help you to get the perfect lighting of your living room and have a good time with family and friends!

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