The 5 Best Hot Plates for Cast Iron Skillet in 2022




hot plate for cast iron skillet

Different occasions call for alternative stoves, warming pans, or additional burners. But the problem arises with single-function units to serve a specific purpose.
Cast-iron skillet plates are arguably the best solution to your extra kitchen device issue.

It’s a reliable unit to secure your open space with cleanliness right away. And you don’t have to spend time digging all the overwhelming options either. Our expert team narrowed down the best hot plate for cast iron skillet here.

Stay with the description to know everything essential facts on the subject. However, we would like you to go through the absolute best purchases from below.

We’ve come with these amazing hot plates for cast Iron skillet through the several processes. We, first of all, analyzed several products and analyzed their customers’ feedback. Thus we could select the best hot plate for cast iron skillet for you.

Portable Electric Stove CUSIMAX Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet

Portable Electric Stove CUSIMAX Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet

Impart superb kitchen flexibility to support larger volume or smaller space. 1500W power spec at 120V rating ensures minimal energy loss for maximum heating.

Integration of 7 heat settings establishes full control on the best electric burner plate for camping. And it has precise thermostatic control for an absolute response.

Stainless steel housing enables simple cleanups using a damp cloth. Not to mention, the kitchen device supports pans or pots to feature 7.1” diameter & less.

Likewise, non-slip rubber feet leave no footprint on stabilizing the plate. Simple turning of the knob immediately sets the built-in control at your preferred settings.


  • Auto shutoff feature.
  • Effective heat action.
  • Outdoor application.
  • Minimal energy loss.
  • Safe will all materials.


  • Least plate diameter.
  • Long heat retention.


It’s indeed a great alternative to the requirement of extra burners/microwaves. Steady temperature for cuisine will retain the taste/delicacy without issues.

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Techwood Double Burner Electric Hot Plate

Techwood Double Burner Electric Hot Plate

Timeless features make the portable hot plate a perfect buy for kitchen & outdoor uses. Its absolute thermal efficiency comes with 1800W consumption at a 120V rating.

The double burner hot plates enable a timeless design to meet the needs. However, the notably compact dimensions check the prepping sessions at minimal space.

Infrared ceramic construction provides faster heating with an even distribution. Almost any material within a 7.1” diameter can match perfectly with the improved design.

Simple cleanup prevails for the heat-dissipating stainless steel with a glass surface. Besides, overheat protection comes with the built-in automatic shutoff integration.


  • Stylish black appeal.
  • Indicator light spec.
  • Specific temp control.
  • No cookware limits.
  • Steady burner feet.


  • Least cord length.
  • Poor knob stability.


Exceptionally sleek construction with double plating makes a great choicer for anyone. The design enables maximum cooking convenience for the investment.

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Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner Kitchen Stoves

Check for additional countertop cooking with the highly flexible double burner. However, the compact design accommodates one smaller with one large plate.

Large plate requires 1300W power whereas the small one needs 500W consumption. Relevant power rating enables faster heating to minimize energy loss.

Independent thermostat adjustment helps with proper control & immediate startup. In fact, each burner features 6 settings to ensure maximum cooking versatility.

Brushed housing of stainless steel eases the cleanup process for maintenance. Meanwhile, sticky rubberized feet hold the burner stable without leaving footprints.


  • Simple outdoor uses.
  • Notably fast heating.
  • Indicator light facility.
  • Separate-sized plates.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.


  • Poor heat dissipation.
  • Low customer service.


Excellent exterior appeal with minimal space requirement can encourage the kitchen décor. Settling for the limitations can definitely justify the initial expense.

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CUKOR Dual Portable Electric Burner

CUKOR Electric Dual Portable Burner

It’s indeed the perfect buy to satisfy extra burner, warming plate, or alternate stove demands. Compact size of the double burner can flatten your kitchen space.

About 1800W power supply at 120V operates both plates at the same time. The multi-functional steel construction upholds the best hot plate for boiling water.

Thermostat temp control comes with a built-in thermal fuse for overheat protection. And a large knob for each burner lets the user adjust the temperature right away.

No slipping will occur with the stable feet to support the corrosion-resistant cast iron. Working indicator will let you understand the heating through auto on/off.


  • Simple temp adjustment.
  • Durable heating element.
  • Full overheat protection.
  • Notably energy efficient.
  • Broad control with knob.


  • Low same-time response.
  • Slight heating distinction.


The burner seems excellent for light warming or cooking inside the kitchen. And the highest level of performance stands against the reasonable investment amount

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Ovente Double Cast Iron Hot Plate

Ovente Double Cast Iron Hot Plate

The countertop burner saves space while preparing the food within minutes. And two separate plate sizes for the assembly let you meet all the cooking demands at once.

Built-in 6” & 7” plate can operate simultaneously with 1700W power at 120V rating. The cast-iron plates enable maximum evenness i9n heat distribution through surfaces.

However, good sustenance of heat comes with reasonably secure heat dissipation. 5 different temp control adjustments work with the indicator light for individual burners.

Durable metal housing stands against damaging fire as well as extreme heat. Stainless steel coverage simplifies the maintenance process, requiring simple damp cloth wiping.


  • Anti-skid rubberized feet.
  • Extremely durable housing.
  • No hot or cold food spots.
  • Protective heating element.
  • Least space requirements.


  • Fading of knob labels.
  • Poorly graded heating.


No need to spend extra money on a fancy or luxurious stove with the intended burner. You’ll get to retain the absolute delicacy over years of continued use.

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Countertop Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner

Save the precious kitchen space with the electric hot plate for cast iron skillet. Aluminum with protective exterior coating enables uniform heat distribution.

And it consumes 1000W to convert the energy into heat for faster heating. Temperature adjustment features 5 distinctive settings – Off, Warm, Low, Med, High.

You’ll get to utilize the settings combo for simple warming, stir fry & deep fry. Non-stick cookware of steel, copper, aluminum within 9.5” diameter fits the burner.

The 6.4” sized flat cooking plate helps with its easy maintenance cleanup. Also, non-skid bottom rubber with a cool-touch base ensures full structural stability.


  • Rotating knob control.
  • Heat-resisting material.
  • Singular sealed burner.
  • 26” long power cord.
  • Simple cleanup design.


  • Indoor use only.
  • No auto-shutoff.


Anyone to require 4-quart meal prepping can certainly use the plate. Small in size but exceptional in quality makes the purchase well worth the money.

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Editor’s Choice – Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

The ultimate prize goes to Elite Gourmert’s exceptional creation for solving the kitchen space issue. Its extreme power consumption of 1000W simply preps the meal within minutes.

Special design enables satisfactory heating uniformity, prolonged retention & overload protection. Multiple adjustments also help with the cooking at a maximum level of control.

However, absolute indoor application stands the most noteworthy drawback with the single burner. The price looks worthy from every aspect, making it one excellent kitchen addition.


Things to Consider (Buying Guide)

Not every product stands the same in terms of quality, mechanism 7 performance. And a wide variety of plates have overwhelmed the entire market. Let’s have a look at the essential points to secure a successful purchase.

Single or Double

The simplest yet most effective consideration lies with a plate/burner number. And you’re to choose from a single countertop plate or double burners set. A double burner can provide better cooking capacity to require slightly additional space.

Power Rating

Consumption of power decides the heating speed as well as cooking evenness. Single plate should require about 800W – 1000W at 120V. However, the double burner needs 1600W – 2000W to satisfy the individual burner’s power requirement.

Intended Uses

Do you just want an extra device for quick warming or cooking? Or you’re planning a purchase for the weekend adventure? The answer will make a straightforward difference between options. Better to purchase a solid indoor-outdoor burner.

Temp Adjustment

Turning knob remains the most common facility for adjusting the plate heat. And you can get either full-free rotation or a specific number of settings with a steady lock. Not to mention, the majority of the units offer a definite number of adjustments.

Heating Specs

Well-graded heating is always preferable to enjoy maximum meal delicacy. Superfast heating is one main characteristic of modern plates. So, pay attention to the initial heating without overloads. And don’t miss the heat dissipation for storage.

Usable Pan/Pot

There are limitations to every cast-iron skillet regarding the pan or pot diameter. Not many options can hold anything larger than 7.1”. You may need to explore the options closely on purchase. Lucky customers may hit one or two capable units.

Extra Features

Proper maintenance is extremely important to retain the original burner efficiency. Simple wiping with a damp cloth is certainly superior to vigorous surface scrubbing. Meanwhile, rubberized feet are essential to keep the entire system stable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How long can I keep a cast iron pan on the stove?

Answer: There’s no strict rule on keeping a cast iron pan on the stove for a specific time. You must stay cautious about the damage to occur on the bottom.

Question: Can I wash the iron griddle in cold water?

Answer: It’s always better to save gentle-level hot water to use on an iron griddle. Coldwater directly on the hot surface can cause warp or even crack.

Question: Which is better, ceramic or cast iron hot plate?

Answer: Ceramic hot plate counts better in terms of power consumption. However, cast iron plates are popular with lower prices & minimal maintenance.

Question: Can you fry chicken on a hot plate?

Answer: It’s obvious to use a hot plate for frying chicken with the necessary amount of oil. But you should ask the seller to confirm the usability restrictions.

Question: Can you use a cast-iron skillet on an electric stovetop?

Answer: Cast iron skillet still exists in the modern kitchen due to its unmatched versatility. And it includes the ability to cook on an electric stove.

Question: Is a hot plate the same as a stove?

Answer: Stove & hot plate actually serves the same purpose using slightly different mechanisms. But you should consider the options for an exact match.


Final Words

A perfect appliance or device can provide a relieving solution to many kitchen problems. The best hot plate for cast iron skillet should hold one of the top positions.
So match your budget with the specific requirements to find the ultimate choice from our list.

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