5 Best Torchiere Floor Lamps in 2022 – Buying Guide

best torchiere floor lamp

Generally a torchiere is one kind of popular floor lamp, which is usually used to brighten up the room. Also it increases the elegance and beauty of the room.

A torchiere floor lamp will easily create an aesthetic look in your place, no matter what your home style is. Adding a floor lamp can make your place more inviting and attractive.

After several researches, in this content, we are introducing some of the best torchiere floor lamp for your home place. So, without any further discussion let’s start.

5 Best Torchiere Floor Lamps Review

There are endless options when you’re going to buy a torchiere floor lamp. But selecting a lamp which is very long lasting and also adds beauty to the room, might be very difficult.

We’ve picked some wonderful torchiere lamps for helping you. You can choose anyone of them based on your choice and need.


Brightech Sky Flux Bright LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky Flux - The Very Bright LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Are you looking for a floor lamp with a super bright light which will be enough to light a big room? If yes, then you might consider this floor lamp to lighten up your bed room, living room, office or any large space.

The most excellent feature of this lamp is that it doesn’t release too much heat. So, you won’t feel uncomfortable while sitting beside this lamp. Another bonus point of this lamp is that you can change the lamp’s head at any direction you want.

The brightech sky flux floor lamp won’t disappoint you, if you really want the best floor lamps for bright light and simple design.


  • Adjustable color temperature
  • No harsh fixtures
  • Long lasting
  • Energy efficient
  • No overheat issue


  • Unstable

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Brightech Skylite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech SkyLite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

This modern and outstanding floor lamps is the best led floor lamps that is capable of providing both mood and task lighting.

This lamp is very light weight and comes with several functional designs with a solid base. Moreover, you don’t have to readjust the lighting system every time you turn it on.

Surely you will be impressed with its durability and the built in dimmer function, which allows to set the light according to your preference.


  • Space efficient
  • Long lasting LED bulb
  • Light weight
  • Dimmable and pleasant light
  • Power saver


  • Shaky and unsecure

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Brightech Halo Split LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Halo Split - Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Get a modern design floor lamp with a generous light at your indoor place by purchasing brightech halo split floor lamp. You can easily set this lamp beside your bed or sofa to enjoy the warm white versatile lighting.

This lamp will certainly light up your place with a soothing and comfortable amount of light. You can keep it in your list as the best lamps for a living room.


  • Attractive
  • Generates little heat
  • Safe and stable
  • High quality
  • Slim and light


  • Not bright enough
  • Inaccurate touch control

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Brightech Sky Dome Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky Dome Double – High Brightness Torchiere Floor Lamp

Are you looking for a torchiere lamp for a dark room? This torchiere floor is the best lamp for room without light as it is designed with a 3 way bulb.

On top of that, you can turn on or off all the bulbs independently and can adjust the brightness level easily. Amazing! Right? With this lamp, you will be able to create your own environment depending on your mood and work.

Hopefully, you will be amazed with its surprising features and benefits.


  • Ambient light
  • Includes lamp shade
  • Stable and heavy base
  • Super compact
  • Durable materials


  • No remote control

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Brightech Eclipse LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

The brightech eclipse modern floor lamp offers you an elegant two ring design that will definitely complement your room.

This beautiful art piece also provides high intensity light, which consumes very low electricity. Among three different brightness levels, you can set the perfect light depending on your mood.

Undoubtedly, one of the best lamps for high ceilings that will add more beauty and charm to your living area.


  • Cool and stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate lighting
  • Easy to assemble
  • High intensity


  • Cannot replace bulb
  • Costly

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Buying Guide- Best Torchiere Floor Lamp

Not sure whether you’re investing in the right floor lamp or not? Always keep the below mentioned properties in your mind to buy the best bright floor lamp for your apartment.

  • Material

Check the material and construction of the lamp before buying. Generally torchiere floor lamps are made of wood and steel. So, judge the quality so that it becomes long lasting and looks stunning as well.

  • Design

Since the floor lamp enhances the beauty and refinement of the room, it’s essential that you check the design, texture and color of the floor lamp. Choose the right size and color that compliments your the room.

  • Purpose

It’s very important that you buy the floor lamp according to your preference and intended purpose. If you’re looking for a lamp for your living room or large space, then buy a big size lamp with enough light. Again, for bed rooms, go with a small torchiere lamp.

  • Convenience

It’s not worthy buying a lamp that is highly inconvenient to use. Hence, select the best led torchiere floor lamp that meets the purpose of your room and also convenient to use.

Check every detail of the floor lamps carefully to buy the best modern floor lamps.



So, there you have it! With the above details, you will get a better chance of choosing the best torchiere floor lamp depending on your intended purpose and need.

Figure out what’s the purpose of the lamp and where you need it. Next chose the color and design to match the interior design of the room. Also, pay attention to its construction and safety.

Lastly, get the best floor lamp to illuminate your home and heart.

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