6 Best Shelf Liner for Under Kitchen Sink in 2022 – Buying Guide

best shelf liner for under kitchen sink

Who does not want a clean and comfortable kitchen? However, the shelves under your sink manage to get in your way and make things unpleasant and moldy. And why not? It is always damp and soggy.

Nonetheless, it might also affect your precious flooring. And so, we are here to save you from this situation with the help of the best shelf liner for under kitchen sink. How do you ask? Hopefully, by the end of this, you will get the perfect match for your kitchen.

Shelf LinerName
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CleanUp Stuff Under Sink Mat Check Price
Hersvin Shelf Liners Non-Slip Drawer Mats Check Price
Durable Under Sink Multi-Purpose Tray Check Price
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6 Best Shelf Liner for Under Kitchen Sink Reviews

Hopefully, you know the features that you want from your shelf-liner by now. So, let us reach these best shelf liner for under kitchen sink that will surely meet your requirements.


Xtreme Mats Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet Mat

Xtreme Mats Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet Mat

With this efficient shelf-liner, you get the most elegant looks for your kitchen. Besides, the beige-colored liner adds to the overall interior. Again, it is compatible with all the regular-sized sinks.

So, you can also reuse it even if you happen to change your fittings. Not to mention, the uneven texture of this waterproof under sink liner helps it to hold liquids up to 2.8 gallons.

Moreover, you don’t have to think about off-gassing or fitting. This liner has an arch-like angle that helps it to fit perfectly. So, you get a flexible, durable, and environment-friendly liner.


  • Does not contain harmful materials
  • Fits perfectly in the corners
  • Superb water-resistance
  • Convenient shape and size
  • Eye-catching texture and design


  • The texture is a bit hard to clean

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WeatherTech Under The Kitchen Sink Mat

WeatherTech Under The Sink Mat

If you are looking for a durable thermoplastic under sink cabinet mat, this might be the perfect option for you. Because of the rubber-like finish and injection-mold design, it protects your kitchen.

Again, it can hold a lot of liquid at a time. Not to mention it comes in a size of 34.25 x 22.5 inches. And so, you can fit it in almost any shelf or cabinet.

Not to mention, this eco-friendly shelf liner is free from Lead, Cadmium, or and PVC. Lastly, the liner is not sticky. So, you can clean it easily.


  • Convenient and non-sticky
  • Excellent in holding liquids
  • Free from toxic components
  • Compatible with standard-sizes
  • Has a soft and rubbery finish


  • Edges are not curved

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CleanUp Stuff Under Sink Mat for Kitchen

CleanUp Stuff Under Sink Mat

Are you tired of dealing with those bulky liners? Well, perhaps you should replace them with these super-thin sink mats. Moreover, these are easy to wrap around the pipes. Therefore, they make the best under sink liners.

Besides, these are non-adhesive. So, you can easily replace it without much hassle. Not to mention, it will make a perfect option for your bathroom as well.

Also, this magic cover under sink mat is super-easy to install. And so, you don’t need additional equipment. So, grab some scissors, and you are good to go.


  • Does not come with sticky adhesive
  • Easy to cut, shape and mold
  • Supreme protection against leakage
  • Goes well with under sink pipes
  • Easy to rearrange and clean


  • Might seem too thin
  • Cannot give much protection

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Hersvin Shelf Liners, EVA Non-Slip Drawer Mats

Hersvin Shelf Liners

The Hersvin liners are brilliant and affordable editions in the market. Consequently, their shape and design work brilliantly to get it onto those joints under the sink.

Not just that, these eco-friendly mats have an uneven texture. As a result, you get a better grip. Also, it minimizes wastage and does not use any harmful adhesive beneath.

Not to mention, the decent thickness blends perfectly with the chic design. And so, you can use it as a bathroom vanity liner as well.


  • Easy to wash
  • Offers a perfect thickness
  • Goes for a long time
  • Elegant outlook
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Might seem too long
  • Won’t fit unless you cut the edges yourself

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Durable Under Sink Multi-Purpose Tray

Durable Under Sink Multi-Purpose Tray

This plastic-liner is the best under sink cabinet protector. The laser-cut design makes it ideal to fit under any sink and prevent all sorts of leakage.

On top of that, this waterproof adhesive shelf liner uses osmosis and soaks up any liquid in seconds. Not to mention, the capacity is high enough to go a long way.

Lastly, you get a safe and hygienic liner that is food grade, VOC-free, and BHA-free. So, don’t miss the chance and choose it.


  • Precise laser-cuts
  • Made of food-grade materials
  • Can hold up a lot of water
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth and antibacterial


  • Might have some fitting-issues
  • Has a bland tone

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Resilia Premium Under The Sink Mat

Resilia Premium Under The Sink Mat

This shiny and durable shelf liner has the best cleaning-feature. As a result, you use any soaps or detergents to clean up the stains. Not just that, the design is convenient and allows you to cut and paste it easily.

Do you that this magic cover under sink mat uses recycled plastic? And so, it is an eco-friendly option.

Moreover, if you notice carefully, you will see a bump-like extra portion that helps to trap the liquid. And thus, this under sink mat works perfectly and keeps your kitchen super-clean.


  • Super easy to wash
  • Long-lasting
  • Environment-friendly
  • Superb leakage-protection
  • Easy to install


  • Does not have a charming look
  • A bit expensive

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Buying Guide Best Shelf Liner for Under Kitchen Sink

Not every liner will go with your kitchen sink. That is why you need to know about things like the perfect texture for yourself or, what is best type of shelf liner? Therefore, go through the following aspects carefully.

  • Correct-type:

Before doing anything else, determine your needs. For example, if you want to protect your fragile crockeries, you might go for a soft-fabric one. This way, choose your liner-type. Similarly, it could be a plastic one or even a metal one.

  • Adhesive-quality:

Adhesive-liners, work more like stick-on papers. And so, when you want to take it out, you might face some tacky-issues. On the other hand, non-adhesive liners have an easier installation. Therefore, choose wisely.

  • Match the texture:

There are many texture-variations of a shelf-liner. Therefore, match these textures with your current requirements. For example, if you want maximum leak-protection, your liner must include an absorbent surface. Nonetheless, it will also need a waterproof bottom.

  • Easy-cleaning:

You see, under-sink shelves go through a lot. As a result, you should always go for a product that is easy to clean. And so, refrain yourself from buying liners with too much texture as they will trap more residues. Also, your liner should be water-resistant.

  • Going with the interior:

You cannot buy any random liner. Or else, it might disrupt your interior and clash with your existing design. Therefore, try to balance it out by picking a custom made under sink mat.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Are kitchen shelf liners necessary?

Yes, kitchen shelf liners are necessary because it helps to protect our kitchen cabinets from water damage, scratches, to organize all the stuff, reduce noise of dishes and finally it makes easier to clean the cabinet.

2. What is the purpose of drawer liners?

The main purpose of the drawer liners is to protect your lovable kitchen cabinets from different damages or make it looking good and neat and clean.

3. Does shelf liner attract bugs?

This is sad to hear but true that is shelf liner or contact paper can attract bugs. What we people can’t eat bug can eat them for example bug can ruin from papers, leather, clothes, wood and many hard things. But if you regularly clean the cabinet and liner could protect from bug attacks.

4. Can wallpaper be used as shelf liner?

Typically the answer is yes, you can. The reason is some people cannot afford shelf liner or they don’t want to spend for them. So you can use wallpaper as a shelf liner though it will not work as same but your need can be fulfilled.

5. How to cut a shelf liner properly?

The process is simple to cut the liner with knife or scissors but you need to be careful when getting the measure of the cabinet.

6. How to remove a shelf liner?

You can just pull up one side of the liner and gradually pull to the end. If there remains stick some part of the liner you can flow hot air with a hair dryer and the liner will easily get out.



So, if you are still confused about these kitchen sink base protectors, we recommend you to choose the Xtreme mat. Nonetheless, you can also grab the CleanUp liner if you into a much flexible option.

Also, do not forget to style it according to your preference. Perhaps, mix and match colors or, through some rugs to bring in the contrast. Till then, enjoy cooking in a clean and fresh kitchen.

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