5 Best Lighting for Basement Craft Room in 2022 – Buying Guide

Best Lighting for Basement Craft Room

Crafting is not possible in a dimly lit room. You need a brighter place for flawless crafting. So, you need to choose the lighting accordingly.

A room with insufficient light is not good for crafting. It will produce eye fatigue and eye strain. Better lighting can make your crafting much better and also keeps your eyes safe.

So, in this article, we will discuss the best lighting for basement craft room. So, stay with us if you are going to buy the lighting kit for your craft room.

5 Best Lighting for Basement Craft Room

There are different types of lighting that you can use for your basement craft room. But among them, choosing the best perfect one is a tough job.

Therefore, we have done a long research and thus have listed the top 5 lighting for craft room. And now we will share the reviews of the 5 best lighting for basement craft room. So, here we go-


1. Daylight Company Art & Craft Floor Lamp

Daylight Company LLC UN1530 Daylight Duo LED Art & Craft Floor Lamp

This floor lamp contains a double head that will increase the illuminated work surface. The white color of this product looks so elegant and attractive.

The daylight Floor Lamp also provides a flexible arm. With the help of this flexible arm, you can easily direct light exactly in a particular direction.

There are 56 bright LEDs of high quality. The lights are known as craft room led lights. These lights provide accurate and perfect color matching and are the best light bulb for crafting.

 There is also a touch switch. With the help of this switch, you can make the light dimmer. There are 4 levels of brightness. This product contains a sleek finish and modern design. This lamp is perfect for craftwork, reading, art, beauty, and health.


  • Double head increases work surface
  • Flexible arms direct light in the exact place
  • Touch switch provides 4 brightness levels
  • Sleek finish and modern design


  • The light bulbs can’t be replaced

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2. Verilux SmartLight Lamp

Verilux SmartLight Full Spectrum LED Modern Floor Lamp

Verilux SmartLight is a FULL SPECTRUM lamp. This is long-lasting LED light. This lamp is perfect for reading as well as performing detailed works. That’s because it provides truer color and better brilliance. So, this is the best light for hand sewing.

 You can choose between three color temperatures and five intensity levels of light and customize your experience. This lamp fits in any space of your house or office. It contains a modern and sleek design.

Above all, this lamp helps you to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain. This seems like it is mimicking the natural daylight. It never flickers. This is the best overhead lighting for sewing room. Moreover, there is an Optix lens that controls glare and this reduces eye fatigue and eye strain.


  • Provides truer color and better brilliance
  • Long-lasting and flicker-free
  • Contains a modern and sleek design
  • Reduce eye fatigue and eye strain


  • Movement may break the plastic part

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3. Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp provides very bright light. This light is perfect for makeup, crafts, reading, as well as room lighting. You can use this light in your office and home. Besides, you can use it in the family room, bathroom, bedroom, craft room, living room, and so on.

This light is easily adjustable and dimmable. You can also rotate it. In the case of reading or crafts like jewelry design, sewing, electric repair, you can swing the panels downward. This is one of the best overhead lighting for craft room.

 This light helps to brighten every corner of your room. The panels of the light contain diffusers. These diffusers will save your eyes by keeping the light soft. These are the best light bulbs for craft room. You can also adjust the brightness by using the built-in dimmer.


  • Provides brighter, adjustable, and dimmable light
  • Diffusers keep the light soft on the eyes
  • Contains modern and minimalist design
  • Generates no heat, safe for kids
  • Takes little space, brightens all corners of the room


  • Can’t be used with home automation

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4. Brightech Litespan Floor & Desk Lamp

Brightech Litespan 2 in 1 Floor & Desk Lamp

Brightech Litespan Lamp provides high contrast light. The color of the light is the same as the natural daylight. You can peacefully read books, do sewing, make a puzzle or paint with the help of this white light. It will help you to distinguish between different colors.

This is the best light for scrapbooking. This natural daylight lamp helps you to read the fine print on newspapers and books. You can use this product both as a table lamp and desk lamp. The gooseneck helps to adjust it for both purposes.

This lamp is very famous for professional uses. For example; makeup, tattoos, facials, and eyelash extensions. It contains a heavy base that prevents toppling. This is one of the best track lighting for craft room.


  • Provides high contrast light
  • Contains adjustable gooseneck
  • Can be used as both a desk and table lamp
  • Helps to distinguish between colors properly
  • Heavy base prevents toppling


  • The dimmer is not continuous

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5. Miroco LED Floor Lamp

Miroco LED Floor Lamp

Morocco LED Floor Lamp provides different adjustable brightness and colors. There are four color temperatures, such as- warm white, candle, cool white, and natural white. Also, there are four levels of brightness, such as- 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.

This lamp provides a long lifetime with 20,000+ hours. So, there are lower maintenance and replacement costs. It also saves electricity bills at most 80% in comparison with the traditional lamp. This provides the best type of lighting for craft room.

 This floor lamp contains a durable and flexible neck. So, you can rotate this lamp easily and control the direction accurately. This is one of the best neck lights for crafts.

 There is a touchable panel on the head of the lamp. You just need to tap that to turn on the light. You can also choose the perfect color brightness as well as temperature.


  • Color temperature and brightness is adjustable
  • Long-lasting and saves electricity bill
  • Lower replacement and maintenance costs
  • Contains adjustable and flexible necks
  • Provides a stable base and saves space


  • Not suitable for larger spaces

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Buying Guide- The Best Lighting for Basement Craft Room

Here we will provide you with the tips to buy the best lighting for basement craft room. Hopefully, this will help you.


  • Lighting Types:

First, you need to know the type of lighting. Do you want the brightest light or the dimmer one? So, check out the lighting type and see whether it matches your requirement or not.

You should also check whether you can change the brightness level and the temperature or not. Most of the product contains adjustable color and brightness.


  • Design:

Stylish lighting will make your room much more elegant. So, think about the design of the lighting. Besides, consider the space it takes. A modern design and sleek finish will make a better and peaceful environment.


  • Lifetime:

If you buy a product and if it breaks after a few months, then this will make you disappoint for sure. So, before buying, do some research and check the lifetime of a product. You should also check the warranties of the lightings before buying



Now we are about to end our journey of this article on best lighting for basement craft room. Here, we have discussed the detailed information of the 5 best lightings for your basement craft room.

Hopefully, this has helped you to buy the right one. Be selective and follow the guidelines properly. All the best!

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