10 Best Headboards for Reading in Bed in 2020 Buying Guide

best headboards for reading in bed


Are you one of those individuals who go through some pages before getting to sleep? Upholstered headboards can help you to create a comforting spot for reading. In fact, going through the books keeping the head supported brings in a great feel. For different bed frames, you’ll find different types of headboard.

The right choice can induce further elegance for the entire bedroom. A wrong purchase can really mess with the room appeal. For the worst, it affects your back and head. That’s where we would like to introduce the best headboards for reading in bed within a budget.

Before getting down to the top picks, let’s check out the key considerations.

Best Headboards for Reading in Bed Reviews

Following the short guidance, it’s time to check out the picks. We managed to enlist each of our best headboards for reading in bed over deep, careful, intense research. Start scrolling to explore our top choices in detail.

REALROOMS Lacey Full/Queen Storage Headboard

Product Description

Let the headboard add some convenient storage to the bedroom space. RealRooms brings in one specific board to suit all your needs. The laminated particleboard delivers superior support & stability. It comes with a nice, black woodgrain finish. With a classic touch, the appeal is likely to enhance the décor.

It includes several cubbies of different sizes. You can keep the nighttime favorites there. Through a 20-pound weighing capacity, each cubby ensures safe storage for other belongings. Using predrilled holes on the wall makes the overall attachment simple. It takes no time with 2 adults to assemble for any standard full/queen-sized frame.


  • Durably built, quality board.
  • Excellent outlook for décor.
  • Cubbies hold different things.
  • Easy assembly with 2 adults.
  • Increased storage for room.


  • Extremely heavy frame.
  • Finishing seems flimsy.


LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard

Product Description

Impart a timeless elegance for the overall bedroom décor. Lucid introduces one linen inspired headboard to ensure incredible comfort & appeal. The construction induces a solid blend of quality & performance. The upholstery design features a linen fabric. For the supportive frame, a solid Siberian Larchwood initiates unrivaled durability.

With a height adjustment facility, the best headboard for adjustable bed accommodates most bed frames. In fact, you can set height in between 34” to 45.5” at 2” increment. For assembly, the pack includes modifying plates, pre-drilled legs & optional wall mounts. The low-profile, square-edged tufted board easily fits into the décor.


  • Timeless, button tufting board.
  • Classic look, quality upholstery.
  • Available in 4 different colors.
  • Incremental height adjustment.
  • Suitable for bed frames, bases.


  • Wood surface seems flimsy.
  • Not suitable for taller beds.


Vänt Upholstered Wall Mounted Headboards

Product Description

Bring in the dreams of having the perfect headboard into reality. Vänt combines comfort, design & simplicity for its versatile headboard panels. Each pack includes 4 panels to induce a total of 46” height. For every palate, it ensures maximum comfort. Through convenient size, it fits all standard bed frames.

It’s safe & durable material features a quality upholstery. Thanks to its 0.95 NRC rating, you can impart a subtle noise reduction. Through a unique TM system, it takes only 5 minutes to complete the installation. Without limits, you can customize to induce a true impact on the décor.


  • Safe & durable material for comfort.
  • Layout versatility using adjustments.
  • Incredible acoustics with less noise.
  • Anchorless screw, simple installation.
  • Upholstered panel, different fabrics.


  • Insufficient screws for bracketing.
  • Minimum 4 paneling is necessary.


Modway Emily Tufted Button Twin Headboard

Product Description

With the righteous grace, you can surely add elegance to the bedroom. The tufted headboard by Modway creates one ideal bedding backdrop. The blend of fiberwood with plywood delivers a supportive relaxation. Obviously, it imparts superior sturdiness. Also, the best tufted upholstery headboard features comfortable foam padding.

Through high-quality fabrics, the surface boasts a tranquil hue. In fact, Vegan leather introduces excellent coverage. For the best fitting, it features 7 different height adjusting positions. Designed for twin beds, it is ready to induce a perfect statement. The overall framework easily incorporates a sensual calmness for your reading.


  • Durable, sturdy blend of wood.
  • Tufted design, elegant pattern.
  • Fine texture of polyester fabric.
  • Dense foam pads for comfort.
  • 7 different adjusting positions.


  • Overtightening breaks its legs.
  • Surfaces may seem a bit flimsy.


Flash Furniture Lexington Upholstered Headboard

Product Description

It’s time to add style & complement to the bedroom décor. Flash Furniture introduces an attractive headboard in accordance with room & bed size. Likewise, the high-end board features convenient upholstery. The fabric upholstery ensures a comforting, reliable relaxation. Its slim design delivers more floor space.

The sleek built comes with an arched top for the integrated nail trimming. With a sleek profile, the panel makes you feel spacious inside the room. Its metal stand with black appeal induces a transitional style. Regarding a perfect fit, the system includes bed railing slots with a reasonable adjustment.


  • Sleek profile, attractive design.
  • Decorative brass nailhead trim.
  • Quite lasting fabric upholstery.
  • Spacious floor inside the room.
  • Arched top for paneling board.


  • Unsuitable for individual studs.
  • Slight discoloring of brass trim.


Safavieh Axel Taupe Linen Tufted Headboard

Product Description

Using an effortless elegance, induce a glamorous retreat for your bedroom. Safavieh brings in one special headboard to introduce a newer level of relaxing comfort. The headboard features unique, modern taupe upholstery. For the post tufting upholstery, you’ll receive crisp linen fabric. The best linen tufted headboard initiates a contemporary accent for space.

A polished appeal prevails through an utterly classic, sophisticated wingback. Colorful geometrics get combined with artistic patterns to provide a playful & enjoyable ambiance. Apart from its soft padding, the gentle curve eases the back. Thanks to its suitable size, the board roughly fits all standard bed frames.


  • Sleek lining, designer details.
  • Classic look through wingback.
  • Upholstery with linen fabrics.
  • Excellent art, colorful pattern.
  • Glam tufting for good accent.


  • Certain issues with taupe color.
  • Slightly uneven upholstery top.


LAGRIMA Upholstered Linen Twin Size Headboard

Product Description

Make an instantaneous update for the bedroom décor with a sophisticated statement. With elegant features, the Lagrima headboard is ready to have your back. It comes with a durable blend of plywood & fiberwood. The lightweight built induces a supportive sturdiness. The combo is likely to last through years for a peaceful time.

For the neutral headboard, the upholstery features a finer linen fabric. Through the right amount of textures, it enhances the overall appeal. The featured nailhead trim delivers a timeless interest. Regarding perfect accommodation, the legs include height adjustment between 40” to 51” at 4” increment.


  • Enduring support with wood blend.
  • Greater detail, outstanding appeal.
  • Classic nailhead for luxurious touch.
  • Pleasing hue with linen upholstery.
  • Sleek design, customizable heights.


  • Bolt’s attachment seems difficult.
  • Quite large for any full-sized bed.


Domesis Upholstered Full/Queen Headboard

Product Description

Through an outstanding blue floral exterior, the headboard delivers classic design. In fact, the crescent-shaped frame induces the right décor for the bedroom. The upholstery features a 100% polyester fabric. For the linen, it comes with a woven sky blue color. The nailhead trim includes hand-tacked pewter to ensure further detail.

It has solid legs of premium wood. With a darker espresso finish, the stands definitely offer strength & style. Thanks to the adjustment slots, it easily fits full & queen-sized frames. There comes additional foaming with fibrous filling. Although it imparts further dimension, the best upholstered headboard for reading still saves the space.


  • Comforting, durable polyester.
  • Further fiber filling with foam.
  • Added detail through nailhead.
  • Sturdy support with solid legs.
  • Superior style, elegant outlook.


  • Unsuitable for king/twin beds.
  • Full assembly may take a while.


24KF Velvet Upholstered Tufted Queen Headboard

Product Description

Induce some real deal with a unique feature to enjoy the utmost comfort. The design by 24KF delivers a fresh & modern take for your bedroom décor. The superior built features standard upholstery. Of course, the linen fabric provides a peaceful, relaxing surface. With a solid wooden frame, the board ensures maximum quality.

Additional foaming delivers softness to let you enjoy the reading. Its suitable size is easily compatible with modern full & queen-sized bed frames. With a playful curved shape, the structure gives a luxurious attachment. Through a showcase design style, you’ll have a truly beautiful appeal.


  • Unique design, vertical channel.
  • Quite strong, highly durable built.
  • Elongation of room’s focal point.
  • Soft foam with linen velvet fabric.
  • Tools included for easy assembly.


  • Missing issues with screws/bolts.
  • Top seaming seems slightly wonky.


Modway Curl Linen Fabric Upholstered Twin Headboard

Product Description

Perfect selection of bedroom elegance comes with wavy lines, welcoming design. For the last one, Modway introduces one high-end, satisfactory best headboards for sitting up in bed for you. For its built, the best upholstered headboard for twin-sized bed features solid wood construction. The additional particle panel & wood legs initiate further sturdiness.

The featured upholstery has linen fabric to boast a neutral hue. With a rich & elegant texture, the appeal brings in one outstanding décor. Its playful curved design ensures balanced support. And the mounting position is just right to fit standard bed frames.


  • Quality built for enduring service.
  • Calming relaxation through curls.
  • Excellent balance between details.
  • Superb texture for luxury appeal.
  • Comforting support, linen fabrics.


  • Slight puckering occurs at edges.
  • No individual nails are available.

Buying Guide for Best Headboards for Sitting Up in Bed

When it comes to buying a headboard to meet the demands, you’ll have to consider specific key factors. For a relaxed reading, it’s important to get the right one in hand. Knowing the following criteria, you are likely to invest in the most suitable one.

  • Overall Built:

    While getting the best value headboard for bedroom or guestroom, you’ll have to consider the décor. Without an elegant design, it becomes a bit unpleasant. Of course, it’s important to check out the bed frame appeal. You should make a match with the existing bedroom décor. There are particular models available having different colors.

  • Fitting Size:

    Obviously, different bed frames have different measuring dimensions. In fact, you’ll have to remember the bed size which basically varies from full, king/queen & twin sizes. Specifically, you should get the bed width precisely to make the decision. The right size determination is extremely important for a perfect sidewise fit.

  • Foam Padding:

    Without a comforting exterior, even the most luxurious one is of no use. Almost all models feature upholstered linen fabric in this regard. If you’re a long time reader depending on the headboard, you have to take your back pain into account. But additional foam padding can really take the relaxing comfort to the next level.

  • Height Adjust:

    The most suitable fitting is quite dependable on height adjustability. In fact, rigid/fixed height can barely match the vertical bed distance. That’s where you’ll need to apply the customizable settings of its height. Of course, you better get a matching range in accordance with the existing/preferable bed height.

  • Leg Stability:

    The overall stability of the assembled framework mostly depends on its legs. For legs, you should find something sturdy & durable like wood or metal. Screwing & bolting the legs while assembling has to remain easy & simple. Also, you need to check out if the screws/bolts are sufficient to support the system.


Choosing the best headboards for reading in bed isn’t easy at all. Thanks to the aforementioned picks, you can definitely make the best choice. Unless you have a serious concern about the décor & space, you’re good to go. Without wasting time & money, it’s time to meet satisfaction while reading.

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