Best Brightest Floor Lamps of 2022 – Buying Guide

best brightest floor lamps

Lighting is important because no one likes a dark room. If you have low light coming through your window then you must need one or more floor lamp according to your room space. And trust me floor lamp is complementary for you at the time of night when sun falls down.

Floor lamps helps to make darkroom brighter and glowing that is also good for reading. The best brightest floor lamps are also additional as home décor equipment no doubt. Most of the users preferably choose floor lamp instead of ceiling lamp to light a room. Because there are several opportunities you will get when you search for your desired one.

The Best Brightest Floor Lamps to Light a Room:


Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere floor lamp is one of the best floor lamps for bright light. It has 30 watt LED light works best for mood and task lighting which generates 2260 lumens. Its minimalist and stylish design suits any dark rooms like bedroom, living room, study room and any other task.

Easy to put any corner of sofa, table and bed. You cannot make doubt about the base of the lamp because it is so heavier so that safe from baby and pets. The floor lamp included LED bulb which is energy saving and has 20 years of life that means you don’t need to replace the bulb.

Another best feature of the lamp is so strong and sturdy. The light provides 3000K warm light and looks like natural lighting. The lamp provides zero heat so you can put your hand on the light after long time use and it will not burn you.


  • The lamp has touch button and built in dimmer to control.
  • Strong and sturdy lamp with heavy base.
  • 20 years life of the life that means you doesn’t need to change bulb.
  • The lamp produces zero heat.


  • Some users complained about the touch button of the lamp.

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Brightech Sparq – Hanging, LED Arc Floor Lamp

Brightech Spark is one king hanging light that is futuristic mood lighting. You can light up you bedroom, study room, living room, kids room with this 67 inches tall and brightest floor lamp. The lamp is easy to assemble and put its strong heavy base behind your sofa, bed, table etc.

Enjoy 3000K warm white color temperature and 2000 lumens. It has three different levels of lighting capacity and built in dimmer foot petal to control the brightness that is perfect and best floor lamp to light a dark room.

This lamps LED bulb is energy saving and also got 20 years life that is equal to 20,000 hours that means you don’t need to change the bulb.


  • The lamp has dimmable options.
  • 67 inch tall and slim floor lamp.
  • Three different levels of lighting capacity and built in dimmer.
  • 20 years (20000 hours) life LED bulb.


  • Some users complained the light gets damage.

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Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan is the best lamp for dark room and perfect lamp for the hobbyist. Its minute color contrast provides 6000K cool white light with 200 lumens. The lamp is best for reading, art & craft, wood work, sewing and any other task that need best floor lamps to light a room.

Comparing to the other lamps this lamp provides natural light as daylight. In the lamp included 12 watt LED bulb with 20 years of life means not need change the light and also produces zero heat so you can easily touch the bulb after long use.

Another characteristic of the lamp is energy saving, so save money and energy by using the lamp. The lamp is available in 5 different colors so that you can choose the brightest floor lamps to light a room. It is easy to rotate the lamp according to your task because of its flexible gooseneck. It can be also dimmable high to low frequency.


  • Energy saming LED bulb produces no heat.
  • 6000K cool white 200 lumens natural brightness.
  • Available in 5 different color.
  • Flexible goose neck easy to rotate.


  • Some user complained about the bulb.

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Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp

Most of the people like arch floor lamp because it looks great with any type of decoration and best lamp to light up a room. The lamp features three hanging lamp shades that hanged in different height and connected with metal body with heavy round marble base.

You can easily move each metal arm connected with the body of the lamp so that you can reposition and get the brightness in your desired place. The three shaded lamp is coolest floor lamp for small and big room to provide warm lighting. Height of the lamp is 74 inches tallest floor lamp.

There are 4 rotary switches on the main pole of the lamp and you can light up the 3 pole single by single or two together or three lights together. The lamp is also smart outlet compatible and works with Alexa, Echo, Dot and Google Home.


  • 74 inch tallest floor lamp.
  • Smart outlet compatible works with Alexa, Echo, Dot and Google Home.
  • Four rotary switches to control the lamps different bases.
  • Metal body with heavy round marble base


  • Some users complained that it is hard to assemble.

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Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech Eclipse is the high lumen floor lamp and best for high ceiling. If you want to light up your room with this lamp then it will be the good purchase for you. The best floor lamps for dark rooms has high intensity of classic halogen floor lamp that consumes 190-300 watt that means lower electricity bill.

Included LED bulb is only 26 watt but produces 1236 lumens. In this lamp there are two minimalist ring and allows you to adjust the ring and lock in the place where you need the light. The built in dimmer allows you to control the brightness according to your mood.

Comes with 3 different brightness mode in the floor lamp which are super bright, soft and ambient mood. The lamp ring can be rotated where you need your desired light for reading, watching movies, art, drawing and more. The LED bulb is energy saving and 20 years of life and you don’t need to change it and also does not produce heat.


  • The bulb is energy saving and 20 years of life
  • There are 3 different brightness available
  • LED bulb is only 26 watt but produces 1236 lumens
  • Two adjustable ring and lock option.


  • Some user complained about the lamps quality.

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Opportunities of Having a Best Bright Floor Lamps:

  • LED Bulb:

    Most of the floor lamps uses LED bulb and that’s the reason it make greater output than any other ceiling light or floor lamps. LED bulb provides clear and natural lighting.

  • Adjust Brightness:

    The best floor lamps allow you to adjust the brightness of the lamp according to your activity. You can check out product specification before purchase because some floor lamp has not the adjustment setting though they still provide good light.

  • Rotate Body of the Lamp:

    Some of the lamp gives you opportunity to rotate the full body of the lamp or the head of the lamp so that you can adjust the light where you need.

  • Modern Lamp:

    Modern floor lamp looks great and works best in home decoration. On the other hand modern lamp will make your room more minimalist than before.

  • Remote control:

    There is some new feature added in the floor lamps and remote control is the one of them. You don’t need to get up from your bed or sofa again and again to turn on and off the lamp. You can adjust the brightness or turn on and off the lamp over the remote control.


Recommendation: We tried to show you the best lamp in the list with detailed description. According to our expert research Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor lamp is the best lamp because of its stylish design and it has dimmable option, the lamp is durable, the light has 20 years of life and you don’t have to change the bulb.


Hope you can easily find your best brightest floor lamps from above list. Though floor lamp is essential for every room not for only lighting purpose and also for decorating a room. Have a good day!

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