Best Box Fan for Sleeping in 2021 – Buying Guide

Best Box Fan for Sleeping

The night seems a bit chilly. Why not try turning off the air conditioner? But wait. Now it feels hot, and you cannot sleep. So, what can you do to make things work?

You guessed it right. A box fan!

Box fans work perfectly with any weather. Whether you are in the prickly heat of summer or even in the dampest monsoon, they always ensure the most comfortable temperature.

Nevertheless, there are tons of box fans in the market. But, question is how to find the best box fan for sleeping? Well, stay tuned, and we will catch up with all the details.

5 Best Box Fans for Sleeping Reviews

You see, there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a box fan. And so, to make things easier, we have done our share of research and picked up 5-top box fans for you.

Genesis Box Fan, 3 Settings Max Cooling

Genesis Box Fan, 3 Settings Max Cooling

Are you looking for fans that cool like air conditioners? Well then, you must check out the Genesis Box fan. This 20-inch stylish box fan will provide you with the highest velocity and smoothest airflow. The most powerful box fan has 3 different settings to control the speed.

You can place it onto almost any steady surface you want. Again, the copper motor makes it durable and long-lasting. Still, it has a lightweight body that makes it user friendly and versatile.

And so, use this best fan for bedroom and get the best airflow in all weather conditions. The superb noise control will make sure that nothing disturbs you, and you get a deep sleep.


  • Super strong copper motor
  • Three convenient speed settings
  • Neutral scheme and attractive outlook
  • High velocity and long-lasting


  • Noises might get a bit harsh

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Comfort Zone CZ200ABK 20″ 3-Speed Box Fan

Comfort Zone CZ200ABK 20" 3-Speed Box Fan

If you are struggling with sleep at night, try out these best fans for night sweatsThe 3-speed setting will ensure you get the most comfortable airflow in any weather. And especially you will get a button controller. So, it can be controlled from anywhere any place you like.

Again, you will get the super sleek blades covered with safety grills. Moreover, it has a handle that is attached to the casing.

Also, the design emphasizes on less consumption and helps you to save up money. Another cool feature is that the fan circulates air and leaves less pressure on air conditioners.


  • Very lightweight, ideal for traveling
  • Easy 3-speed settings
  • Protected by a safety grill
  • High-quality airflow


  • Does not provide the maximum CFM

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PELONIS PFB50A2ABB-V 3-Speed Box Fan

PELONIS PFB50A2ABB-V 3-Speed Box Fan

The PELONIS Speed Box Fan is undoubtedly one of the best models that suit any place. Whether you are busy at work or chilling on your couch, the full force circulation will provide you the best airflow.

Also, it complements your air conditioner and rotates at a very high speed. So, you are saving a lot of money and energy with this best fan for cooling. You can also optimize your speed or air circulation with its 3-speed setting.

If you take a closer look at the design, you will notice that the blades are of high-quality materials. And so, they help the fan to conduct a smooth airflow into the room. Again, the protective shield keeps it safe from children.


  • Excellent air circulation
  • Smooth circulation and high velocity
  • Easy to transport
  • Goes for a long time


  • A bit expensive than the other models

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BLACK+DECKER Mini Desk Box Fans


If you are looking for a small and compact desk box fan, you have to get your hands on these 10.9-inch mini fans. Because of the sizes of these fans, you can get a perfect fit for your tables and desks.

Again the overall weight is super light and that it is only 3.97 pounds. It indeed the best travel fan for sleeping.

Coming to airflow, you will get superb versatility. Whether it is hot or humid, the convenient settings will keep you cozy in any weather. Again, the fans offer you a super-easy installation facility. With the cool access control panel it can operate without any problems.


  • User-friendly control panel
  • Small and compact structure
  • Takes minimum space and energy
  • Fits anywhere and everywhere


  • Smaller blades than other models
  • Produces a burn-like the smell after lengthy usage

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Lasko Cool Colors 20″ Box Fan

Lasko Cool Colors 20" Box Fan

The super-durable and super-stylish Lasko Cool Colors box fan is a famous name in the field. The steel structure makes a unique place for itself with its trendy appearance. Again, the metallic finish of the purple brings you the perfect summer vibes.

Not just that, the design of the fan also emphasize on user-friendliness. Take the handle on the back for an example. Again, you can set the speed in three different settings. These are the high, medium, and low.

Moreover, the fan does quite a brilliant job with sound control. So, you can get all the benefits of this best fan for cooling without any of the weird noises whatsoever.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Durable design structure
  • Perfect for summers
  • Conveniently quiet speed settings


  • Edges are not smooth enough, might cause a cut
  • Appearance is a bit too loud

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Buying Guide Best Box Fans for Sleeping

I had always been in a dilemma whenever I went to buy a fan. What kind of fan should I get? – I always ask myself ceiling fan, table fan or tower fan. Nonetheless, after doing tons of research, I finally got my answers. So, let me tell you the things that make them the best cooling fans for sleeping.

  • Shape & size:

Although most of the box fans are around 20 inches, there are varieties as well. Nonetheless, inspect the shape of the fan and choose the one that will match up with your requirement.

  • CFM rating:

CMF (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating denotes the airflow of your fan. In simple words, it indicates how fast your fan spins. Therefore, calculate the product of your room-measurement and ceiling height. After that, choose the one that could rotate all the air within 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Noise control:

Every box-fan has a different noise emission. Some are on a bit stronger side, where others are pretty quiet. However, the best quiet fans for sleeping will not exude more than 35 decibels. So, keep that in mind.

  • Speed settings & accessories 

Check how many speed settings your fan has before buying it. Also, having additional accessories like a remote control is always a good idea. So, prioritize the one that has it. Thus, you can operate your fan from anywhere in the room.



If you want to go for the pricier options, I will recommend the Genesis Box. Nonetheless, the Comfort Zone is also a great option at an affordable price. So, set your priorities beforehand and focus on them.

After all, we want you to start your day with the prettiest smile. Not with a sleep-deprived look! So, get your hands on that best box fan for sleeping and say goodbye to all that dozing.

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