Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers 2022 – Full Guide

Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers

For light sleepers or night-shift workers, ordinary curtains seem like a burden. What you actually need is blackout curtains to cover the windows. The fabrics can definitely decline the major bits of bright sunlight. Of course, it helps to maintain a temperature balance within your bedroom.

It’s not exactly easy to find the right one from overwhelming options. That’s where you can count on our picks to make your final decision. We narrowed down the lists to 7 best blackout curtains for day sleepers. The in-depth detail contains everything you need for purchase.

Best Blackout Curtain for Day Sleepers

Now you know what to look for while buying. But we would like to make things easier for you. Check out the comprehensive details for popular choices. Going through our best blackout curtains for day sleepers, you can meet the satisfaction.


NICETOWN Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

Block out the annoying sunlight & disturbing sound intrusion in your sleep. Nicetown lets you enjoy a sound sleep with the best blackout curtains for night shift.

100% of imported polyester easily impedes about 85% – 95% of sunlight. Effective triple weaving technology triggers less noise interruption & a better TV view.

Its fabric can maintain balance the room temperature with proper insulating characteristics. And the thread-trimmed, wrinkle-free design is ready to fit standard curtain rods.

The set contains 2 curtain panels of 42” width against 63” length. Each blackout curtain features a total of 6 black grommets on top.

Setup, maintenance & service – all things remain at the best throughout. You can machine wash the fabric in cold water towards tumble dry.


  • Insulated weaving technology.
  • Heavy fabric but great softness.
  • Wide 1.6” inner diameter ring.
  • Quick ironing with steam clean.


  • Stitching may feel improper.

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NICETOWN Heat Blocking Blackout Curtains

NICETOWN Heat Blocking 100% Blackout Curtains

No more annoying interruption over sunlight or noise while sleeping in the daytime. Nicetown brings in one more option here to secure your napping time.

Each pack includes 2 curtains, each measuring 52” width x 95” length. Likewise, 100% imported polyester for its fabric enables a convenient sunlight blocking.

There comes a functional black liner backing to thicken the integrated drape. It literally keeps out the sunlight at 100% efficiency.

Triply weaved fabric design includes 2 times thickness for its layers. Both sound absorption & temperature insulation reaches excellent satisfaction right there.

Unique sliver grommet allows for easy installation, creating an elegant appeal. Of course, the top-quality finishing for the whole fabric can withstand years of applications.


  • Elegant curtain measurement.
  • Superb light-blocking efficiency.
  • Quite higher noise absorption.
  • Balanced indoor temperature.


  • Color isn’t very hideous.

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NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels for Bedroom

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels for Bedroom

Skip constant disturbance by bright sunlight & outdoor noises while sleeping. It’s another epic Nicetown option for preventing light intrusion to your bedroom.

Solid construction results in 85% – 95% UV ray blocking over time. Further both sides come with the same appeal to create an elegant outlook.

The pack contains a pair of 52” wide x 84” long casual window curtains. Each of the best blackout curtains for home theatre remains heavy but soft enough to initiate upmarket value.

High energy efficiency triggers resistance against conductivity, fading & penetration. Aside from a soundproof action, you’re likely to get sufficient thermal insulation.

The machine-washable curtains get perfectly washed with mild detergent under 85°F. And low-temp ironing will maintain the quality for years without issues.


  • Premium fabric performance.
  • Elegant silver grommet design.
  • Year-round thermal balance.
  • Durable harmonious dressing.


  • No liner is available.

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NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels for Kids Room

NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels for Kids Room

Enjoy your daytime sleep without the slightest interruption, just like the night. And Nicetown comes with another convenient option to miniate the windows.

Each curtain panel features a reasonable 42” width against 54” length. The polyester fabric of various color options will certainly amaze you there.

Despite a somewhat heavy & thick panel, the outer surfaces remain soft enough. Its practical construction includes a thread-trimmed along with wrinkle-free design.

Again, the topside grommets are silver in color to create a casual outlook. You’ll get some extra benefits including thermal insulation, moderate sound absorption & privacy protection.

The packed curtain pair is suitable for both machine & hand washing. Also, the blockade protects your indoor belongings from scorching sunlight.


  • Durable polyester curtain.
  • Excellent energy efficiency.
  • Matching surface colors.
  • Simple maintenance tasks.


  • Not 100% backout.

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PONY DANCE Gray Blackout Curtains

PONY DANCE Gray Blackout Curtains

Live a simple lifestyle with simple but extremely effective window curtains. Pony Dance promises to curtail the sunlight brightness for your daytime sleep.

Its 100% premium polyester fabric initiates a soft touch with a vertical sense. Uniform color density throughout lets you enjoy the elegance all year round.

Each curtain measures a satisfactory 42” in width over its 72” length. Again, functional triple weaving technology can block up to 95% of sunlight.

The curtain itself is reasonably thick to block the light & noise. Thermal insulation through best blackout curtains to keep heat out maintains a comfortable temperature.

Not to mention, the panel without liner simply secure your belongings from harsh rays. For the best part, you can choose from different colors & sizes.


  • Quite wide 3.0” pocket top.
  • Encouraged interior décor.
  • Superb light-blocking action.
  • Heavy, soft polyester fabric.


  • Intrusion of light specks.

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Wide Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel & Sliding Door Curtains

Rose Home Fashion RHF Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain

Avoid the bright streaming sunlight with the most comfortable setting curtain. Rose Home Fashion promises automated darkening of rooms with low noise intrusion.

Basically Innovative polyester fabric imparts superior absorption capability. The incredibly thick & solid curtain prevents light penetration to the best extent.

The curtain is available in various colors in size. But its greyish white with a unique 100” wide x 84” length will definitely give you goosebumps.

Its silver grommets on top portion encourage the overall casual look. You can hang the single packed window curtain from any standard or decorative rod.

Thermal efficiency remains at the peak throughout its service life. Of course, its maintenance requires machine washing & dry without extra hassle.



  • Unsurpassed white outlook.
  • Satisfactory light reduction.
  • Subtle softness with seaming.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.


  • Gets dirty in no time.

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Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Grommet Window Curtain

Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain

Perfect blackout for the room comes with a perfectly black curtain. Deconovo basically introduces one hanging black hole to take out the whole light.

The best home fashion blackout curtains resist the annoying sunlight with 100% efficiency. Even the sound pollution from outside gets to a minimum level.

Its design can easily match the room décor to secure your indoor privacy. The silky, soft & drapery back seem too comfortable to touch or hold.

Balanced thermal activity retains the comforting inner environment all year round. The exterior heat can’t intrude during summer & inner heat can’t get out in winter.

Likewise, there are a total of 6 silver grommets on each panel top. And you can put it into the washing machine to wipe out all the dirt.


  • Premium black polyester.
  • Superior energy efficiency.
  • Extended privacy coverage.
  • Different options for size.


  • Single panel package.

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Buying Guide – Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers:

Not all window curtains in the market are of the same quality. When it’s about blackout ones, you’ll have to remain careful. Knowing the key considerations can lead you to find the most suitable one.


The most important fact concerns with sunlight blocking capability. Polyester fabrics are mostly preferable for a satisfactory result. You’ll have to something heavy & thick in this regard. For any curtain, the efficiency has to remain above 90%.


Another must-have consideration is individual curtain measurements. Of course, it includes a balanced length against an acceptable width. The size itself directly depends on your house’s window configuration. Just don’t forget to choose a matching size.


Heavy & thick fabric means less airflow, heat & light. Try to purchase one balancing penetration & blockage for airflow. The curtains can absorb sounds to some extent, but not much. Meanwhile, satisfactory thermal insulation seems okay.


Anything to serve years of use has to undergo some cleaning or washing. Make sure the chosen curtains are machine washable. Mild detergent with soft water has to do the job. Careful ironing can help with maintenance as well.


One underrated curtain part is grommet. But elegant design can definitely impart additional beauty. Apart from the colors, check out the total number for each curtain. You better no forget to take its sturdiness & usability into account.


All the stippling lights feel too disturbing for any day sleepers. And the only viable solution lies with blackout curtains rather than ordinary or regular ones.

That’s where the comprehensive best blackout curtains for day sleepers should aid your problem. You better invest in the right one per your demand & enjoy a decent sleep.


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