The 5 Best Air Purifier for 500 Square Feet – 2022 Complete Guide

Are you wondering how you can make your living space more comfortable? An air purifier is the best addition that you need to add to your place for comfortable and fresh air.

best air purifier for 500 square feet

The air purifier will make your area give off a vibe like a 5-star hotel. It is normally a device that gets rid of the impurity from the air. By this process, the indoor air gets better and natural.

But you know you don’t have to search all the products and get confused. In this article, the best air purifier for 500 square feet will be discussed so that you can make up your mind easily.

Let’s start exploring.

Air PurifierNameCoverage
MSA3 Air Purifier for Home Large Room and Bedroom 500 Sq. Ft. Check Price
Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto Large Area Air Purifier 550 Sq. Ft. Check Price
Okaysou Air Purifier with Washable Ultra-Duo 2 Filters 500 Sq. Ft. Check Price
SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home, H13 True HEPA Filter 500 Sq. Ft. Check Price
Medify MA-25 Air Purifier True HEPA Filter | 500 sq ft Coverage 500 Sq. Ft. Check Price
YIOU Air Purifier for Home Large Room up to 547 ft² 547 Sq. Ft. Check Price
LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room 1150 Sq. Ft. Check Price

7  Best Air Purifier for 500 Square Feet

Now, it is time to select the air purifier that is best for your area. To know which one is perfect for your area, you need to learn the details of various air purifiers.

Therefore, let’s take a look at this section of the article where we will discuss the top air purifiers you can get for a 500 square feet area.


1. MSA3 Air Purifier for Home Large Room

MSA3 Air Purifier for Home Large Room

This is the best air purifier for small office because it really works very perfectly in any enclosed space. You will notice the change in the air in 10 minutes of turning it on.

Membrane Solutions Air Purifier has three layers with different purposes. The first layer cleans the fiber or your pet’s hair. Next, the HEPA filter catches all the dust and allergies. So, you can tell this is also the best air purifier for viruses.

The last layer is activated carbon that catches odor and neutralizes the smell so that you can’t feel anything in our room. Overall this purifier is not only best for a room but the best air purifier for office desk too.


  • Three-layer filters
  • Catches bad smell and neutralize
  • Relieves sneezing and coughing
  • Has a turbo speed setting
  • Attractive structure and design


  • Trouble working with smoke

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2. Blueair Large Area Air Purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto Large Area Air Purifier

Blueair 211+ covers an area of 550ft within 12.5 minutes. It captures 99.9% percent of pollutants from the air.

Its one-button control gives high performance and the pre-filters are very lightweight. And you can also customize them. The display shows the standard of the air around you with changing color from poor to good.

The outside fabric of the pre-filter helps the air purifier to catch large particles. This process length the primary filter’s time. To hide the power cord, there is a hidden compartment.

You can also clean the fabric when needed. You just need to hand-wash it or put it in the machine. It will be the most comfortable air purifier for you.


  • The sensor shows the air quality
  • Low electricity cost
  • Covers the pre-filter with fabric
  • Washable material
  • Hidden compartment for cords
  • Covers the area within 12.5 minutes


  • Huge in size

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3. Okaysou Air purifier

Okaysou Air Purifier with Washable Ultra-Duo Filters

The Okaysou Air Purifier has five layers of filters that are very different from any other filters. It also breaks harmful gases so that you can have safe air to breathe.

It circulates the air in the room 3 times if it is a 500ft area. The internal structure is very efficient with advanced turbine motors.

This air purifier also relieves asthma problems that are a very unique feature. Even though it is ideal for a 500ft area, it works in 320ft area to 800ft perfectly.

For fixed speed, you can set the timer for up to 8 hours. The lowest configuration will not even make any noise. For this, you can get a perfectly good night’s sleep.


  • Helps with asthma problems
  • Excellent timer setting
  • Circulates air 3 times in an hour
  • Five effective layers
  • Advanced turbine motors


  • Insignificant plastic odor from packing

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4. SilverOnyx Large Room Air Purifier

SilverOnyx Large Room Air Purifier

Its advanced purification system cleans the air and provides the freshest air in your space. This air purifier also cleans with UV light.

The three-stage filter works perfectly and the pre-filter is also able to capture larger particles. It is designed for a 500 square feet area.

The cleaning system is very much helpful for smokers and people with pets. The filter has a larger area than other purifiers. It is almost 60% larger.

SilverOynx purifiers also have ionizers that can give you clean air all day long. The 360-degree purification is the best feature of this air purifier. To be honest, it helps smokers to maintain the clean air in their houses.


  • Useful for smoker
  • Great UV light feature
  • Captures larger particles
  • Larger filter surface
  • Built-in ionizer
  • Covers 360 area


  • Continuous use can make the swollen throat
  • Motor issue after some use

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5. Medify Air Purifier

Medify MA-25 Air Purifier

If you are looking for the best home air purifier, the Medify Air purifier is one of the best in the market. It not only works at home, but you can also use it in hospitals, classrooms, universities, restaurants, etc.

It usually cleans around a 1000ft area in one hour. But you can use it to clean a 500ft area in just 30 minutes. This purifier literally cleans 99.9% of odors, smoke, and dust.

You can choose from 3 fan speeds that are preferable for you. The lowest settings literally don’t make any noise. It also has a touch screen with lots of options like setting the timer for 0 to 8 hours, fixing the fan speed, and enabling sleep mode.

The screen will also show when you need to replace the filter of the purifier. And the extra feature child lock that is best for children and pets. So, overall this purifier is the best air purifier for pets.


  • Has a touch screen with all the operations
  • Clean almost 0.3 microns particles
  • Three fan speed
  • Replacement indicator for filter
  • Light dimmer feature
  • Best for any type of area


  • Makes wobble noise on medium setting

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6. YIOU Air Purifier for Home Large Room

YIOU Air Purifier for Home Large Room

The YIOU air purifier has an air duct system that has the ability to purify a 547 square feet area completely. It just needs to be cleaned twice per hour, which is very pleasant.

This air purifier not only captures bad smells but also blocks allergens and bacteria. This is really helpful for people who have been suffering from allergies for a long time.

The precise laser sensor will detect the airborne particles in the air and show the result in the display that is very useful. Also, the sleeping mode of this air purifier is remarkable. That’s because it is around 20dB.

In the sleeping mode, it will not make any sound, not even a beep. So, this air purifier is the perfect one if you want a perfect sleep.


  • Sleeping mode feature
  • Blocks bacterium
  • The magnificent air duct system
  • Relieves allergy problem
  • Good laser sensor precision


  • Gets hot while on
  • Moderate service after filter change
  • Shows inaccurate results on the display

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7. LEVOIT White Air Purifier

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home

The best air purifier for allergies is LEVOIT White Air Purifier on our list. Because it cleans the odor of the pets and confines pet hair. That’s why you will get clean air without any contaminants from the air.

It makes 25dB noise on its lowest setting. This is very little that you can’t even hear. The light of the display will also be off. So you will get a sound sleep without any disturbances.

It covers a 538ft area within 15 minutes which is very remarkable. Another feature of the purifier is auto mode. In this mode, the indicator shows the quality of the air around you.

This auto mode also adjusts the fan speed to maintain the fresh air of your room or office. This white levoit purifier is the best air purifier for smoke because it also absorbs household and kitchen odors.


  • Covers 538ft area in 15 minutes
  • Automatically adjust the fan speed
  • Ideal for allergy patients
  • Suitable for Animal
  • Can schedule sleep time


  • Needs replacement filter after some time

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Buying Guide- best air purifier for 500 square feet

Before buying an air purifier, you really need to look for some important things so that you can buy the perfect one for you. You need to know the features and details that will make your living space or office area comfortable.

Don’t get tense about how you will know about these features. We are here to solve your problem. So, let’s see the basic things you should check before buying an air purifier for yourself.

  • Size of the room

You need to select the suitable one that goes with your room. There are different types of purifiers depending on your room size.

The small air purifier works for space that is under 300 square feet. A large air purifier will cover from 500 square feet to more.

The size of the purifier matters. That’s because if you don’t choose the perfect one, it will not completely cover the space. On the other hand, you will waste money if you select a bigger one than your room.

  • Exchanging air per hour

If the value of this air exchange is good, that means the air purifier works hard to clean the room. It also depends on the size of your room.

The value differs from size to size but if you select your room size then you should also look for this feature. This will keep your air clean.

  • Filter Types

Filters are the heart of the purifier. So, always check the filters of the purifier and know the purpose of each layer.

HEPA and carbon filters are common nowadays. They clean perfectly starting from odor to small dust in your space.

  • Sounds

Most of the air purifiers make noise at the highest level. So before buying see the details of how much noise they will make.

Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable because of this noise problem. It is better to select the one that makes relatively low sounds than others.

  • Automatic Feature

It is a very important feature to look for in an air purifier. In this, the air purifier senses the air condition and automatically updates the fan speed to clean the air.

This feature is very handy if you stay in a busy place. You don’t want to waste your time setting the fan speed all the time. It will automatically change and make your air breathable.

  • Energy

If you always keep your air purifier on, you may have a heart attack when you see the bills. They consume power but the modern air purifiers consume less. So, select the one that will help you maintain your bills.

The details of power consumption are usually discussed with the product. You better calculate the cost so that you won’t suffer later.

  • Easy shifting

Air purifiers are normally heavy. So it is kind of hard to move them around. So, you can look for an extra feature that has wheels or not. By this, you will manage to help the air purifier easily and without anyone’s help.

Even though it is not a necessary feature, if you need to move your air purifier often, it is a great feature to have in an air purifier.

  • Indicator

Recently all of the air purifiers have indicators that show when you need to change the filter. This feature is very necessary otherwise you will think your air purifier is broken. But it really just needs a change in the filter.

The indicator shows with a LED light what is the condition of your filter right now. This way you can maintain your air purifier better.


Editor’s Choice

The best air purifier for over 300 square feet will be Medify Air Purifier from our list. It not only covers 500 square feet area, but it also covers 1000 square feet. Within 30 minutes, it cleans the whole air of your room.

Its structure is applicable for any space like hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. It will automatically clean the place based on the air substances.

This purifier has three fan settings and among these three settings, the lowest setting almost doesn’t make any noise. And it also has a touch screen where all the operations can be done.

Medify air purifier also has a child lock that is very necessary if you have a pet or kid in your house. The screen above the purifier also shows when you need to replace the filter. After going through all the options, we think it will be the best one for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Clearing your doubts before buying a product is necessary. Because you surely don’t want to waste your money and time on a product that is not promising.

So, before buying an air purifier, it is good to know all the common questions about it. That’s how you can choose the best air purifier for 500 square feet that is perfect for your area.

Question: Do air purifiers work in large rooms?

Answer: Yes. Air purifiers work in a large room but you need to choose the ideal one for your room depending on your room size.

Question: What if an air purifier is too small for the room?

Answer: If an air purifier is too small for a room, it will be a complete waste of your money. That’s because it won’t give the full coverage of your room or area. So, you better select the air purifier that covers your room area.

Question: Can I use two air purifiers for a large room?

Answer: You can definitely use two purifiers for your room but it will be quite expensive. Though two purifiers will clean the room quickly, it is not necessary to have two when you can do the work with one.

Question: Should I sleep with the air purifier on?

Answer: Usually it is okay to keep the air purifier on in your room. And also, you need the air clean all the time. That’s why it is better if you keep it on all the time. But make sure that it is not directly blowing to your face.

Question: Does the air purifier use a lot of electricity?

Answer: Most modern air purifiers are energy efficient. So, it will cost you less money and you will always have clean and fresh air.

Question: How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

Answer: An air purifier takes an average of thirty minutes to two hours to purify the room. You will definitely find a difference within twenty minutes after turning on the purifier.


Final Words

After learning so many things related to air purifiers, can you choose one for yourself? We are confident that you will.

Just choose the air purifier that works best for your space. This best air purifier for 500 square feet article has all the necessary information that will help you to select the ideal one.

Look for the details of a product and think whether it is suitable for you or not. If it is okay, we don’t think you want to waste any time when you know the benefits of it.

So, buy the ideal air purifier and make your living space magical and comfortable forever.

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